What is a "bride price" and what is the meaning of this ritual

The tradition of bride price to the wedding there was stillin ancient times, and was, perhaps, the main element of a wedding celebration. Bride price, or, as they say in the old days, Brann began a wedding ceremony, which symbolizes the transition of women from generation to generation of her husband's father or, in other words, goodbye to a home and your girlhood.

Since then, little has changed.

Modern bride price in urban weddings is a continuation of the tradition established in ancient times and, as before, is a necessary element of any wedding celebration.

The essence of action is that the bridegroom withhis friends and a witness ( "merchants"), are gathered together to buy the bride, who is in his parents' home, taking the mandatory "Taxed" role which can act as money, sweets, champagne and any other "currency".

Types of scenarios

Selecting redemption scenarios bride's big enough. Community - this is a classic, where the groom with the witness and friends climb the stairs to the apartment of the bride. At the same time, to climb on one of the steps you need to perform one of the tasks. All this is accompanied by cheerful ditties and folk songs. Assignments for the bride price is thought out very carefully, it is important to take into account the time that will be spent in order to know when to call and make wedding invitations to guests.

As a rule, questions checking the knowledge of the groom bride day of birth, the date of their acquaintance, dates of birth of mother-size shoes bride and other details do not know where the groom can not.

As part of the bride price ceremony to be creative preferable.

There are a variety of options.

For example, the groom is invited to guess whichshoe of the exhibited in a row belongs to the bride or the need to find from a variety of bras, hung on a string is the one that belongs to the favorite. You can guess the imprint of a kiss on a sheet of paper or a perfume.

Another interesting option is popular with stairs. The bride before start to a new step must speak bride variety of compliments. Also at each step, you can lay on the heart with an inscription explaining the reason for which he decided to marry. On the last step is an option "for love", so the groom will have to work hard to achieve it, avoiding all the others. Or, up the stairs all the same, the groom should speak words that characterizes his chosen one (of course, only flatter). Quest can be complicated by specifying each step a certain letter.

The groom's apartment waiting for no less complex andinteresting test. For example, he will need to determine which room is his bride. This option is interesting then when in the apartment, which passes bride price many rooms.

Not less popular competition in which the groomI will have to determine what will be their life together. The board put several glasses of water. In the first, it is salty, sour in the second, the third sweet. Not touching the glasses without trying and smelling them, he must choose one stroke glass and drink its contents.

There are many options and the choice is from which, moreover, if the dream, you can come up with your original version of the script of the wedding the bride price.

One of the important conditions for successfully passed the bride price - a good training for all participants, whereas the redemption turns hilarious and memorable game.

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