Weddings by candlelight

On the day of the wedding the newlyweds parents readprayer, blessing the icons of their children, and they, in turn, receive God's blessing. For the Orthodox wedding the newlyweds go to the temple, the door of which, according to tradition, the groom comes first. He is accompanied by friends (the best man) and some of the children. The groom, being in the church, should move to the right and wait until the bride arrives. It arrives a little later, and went into the doors of the temple with their best men, occupies the left side. After this ceremony begins immediately.

Orthodox wedding consists of a betrothal andof the wedding. Rings are designed specifically for the betrothal of young deacon submitted on a small tray, and the priest, holding two lighted candles, suitable for honeymooners and gives them the spark. After that, the priest puts one ring to the groom on the ring finger of his right hand, the other ring is similar and puts the bride. Then in agreement and unanimity young three times exchanged rings with each other. After this change, one ring is the bride, and the other - the groom.

The main point is the orthodox weddingthat when the priest marks a cross groom. Similarly, the blessing and the bride, the priest of her crowning. The next stage is the overall bowl filled with red wine, which the priest presents the groom with the bride. Alternately young for three meals have to drink all the wine, as this cup - common destiny of the young. Then the priest joins the right hands of the newlyweds and three times encircles them around the lectern. This walk represents an endless procession, which began today for them.

Orthodox wedding, according to custom,It ends at that stage, when the king's gate groom kisses the icon with the image of the Mother of God, and the groom - the icon of the Savior. Then the young are reversed and again kiss the corresponding icon. After that, the priest gives young hands to kiss the cross and two icons that relatives previously brought from home or purchased in the temple. As a result, the newlyweds proclaimed multitude of years, and may be present at the wedding ceremony to congratulate the young.

From that day the newlyweds a common life, and from that moment they are before God as one.

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