Preparations for the wedding

How often attracts Suite BeautyThe wedding ceremony in the church, and they forget about the true meaning of this ritual! And after the wedding - the sacrament, which is held for the consecration of the marriage of two people loving each other, sought God's grace upon this union. In order to become a truly happy marriage, you need to understand the basic essence of the ritual actions and prepare for them properly.

Preparations for the wedding

No less important than the holding of the ceremony for the consecration of marriage. How to properly prepare for the wedding?

Choosing a wedding date.

The Sacrament of the wedding is held on certain days. Every year in the Orthodox Church published a calendar indicating the positions and religious holidays and dates. It can be found in the church benches.

The wedding is not carried out:

  • In all multi-day positions: Lent, fasting Petrovsky, Assumption, Christmas.
  • On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Your preparation for the wedding ceremony is to begin with clarifying the date when the commission allowed the wedding.

Selection of the temple.

About a month before the wedding celebrations beginchoose the temple. Ask whether it is possible wedding photography and videography, whether it is possible wedding of one pair (often in temples crowned on several pairs of newlyweds). Find out the cost of the ceremony, as well as the cost of "extras" - the church choir and bell ringing. Cost clarify necessarily because it is very different in different churches.

As you can see, the preparations for the wedding includes the spiritual and material aspects.

Selecting a priest.

In the temple, in which you make your choice,may be a few priests who commit wedding ceremony. Talk to each of them, choose the one that inspires you the most confidence. If you want your wedding had a spiritual father, ask if he could hold a wedding ceremony. In some churches it is permitted.

Set wedding.

Preparations for the wedding ceremony and suggestspurchase wedding set. It includes: wedding candles, towel and handkerchiefs under candles, wedding icons of the Saviour and the Virgin. These kits are sold in the church benches in all the churches. Handkerchiefs under the candles and towels are usually decorated with embroidery and craft from convents.

Also, it is necessary to purchase wedding rings. According to church rules, the husband purchased a gold ring, and his wife - silver. Now, more often, the couple acquired the same ring, but it is better to follow the statute.

Confession and Communion - the spiritual preparation for the wedding.

Before making the Sacrament of the bride and groom mustConfession and Holy Communion. Confession and Communion before marriage mandatory for all newlyweds. Purification of the sacraments of penance and communion will help unlock the full soul of grace for making marriage. To prepare for confession and communion should be a three-day fasting and prayer. More details about the preparation for these rituals you will learn from the priest, or from the literature, which will advise you in the church shop.

Photo and video shooting wedding ceremony.

Photos and videos are not allowed in all the churches. In preparation for the wedding be sure to ask this question. In any case, you need to receive a blessing. The person who takes photographs, must be aware of the shooting when lighting features. It is better to invite a professional photographer, the more that shooting is allowed only in designated areas of the temple, which further complicates the process.

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