Great Secret Wedding

The first wedding ceremony appeared in the fourth century. Then people thought that a marriage that did not receive the blessing of the church, is not really considered marriage and cohabitation are so-called, is nothing illegal. That is, it turns out that only a wedding in the church gave marriage legalized reality. To today the sacrament wedding, marriage, you must first register in the state bodies, and only then you can go to the church for God's grace, which sanctify family newlyweds Union (about wedding ceremonies and signs you can read here).

In ancient times, to make the mystery of the wedding hadLaw only a priest from the bride or groom. A marriage performed in front of witnesses newlyweds who, as now, the act of marriage assured signatures in specially designed for this book. This order was established in the Russian churches in 1802.

At the present time the wedding takes place in the churchthe presence of friends and relatives, even before the young parents to attend this event did not have the law, since their presence nascent opinions from people that marriage is enforced.

According to the rules, a wedding inthe church can not be carried out for all positions, on Saturdays and on the eve of the holy holidays. You need to know that the Church does not allow more than three marriages and does not bless the marriage where one or both spouses consider themselves atheists. Also, the church does not hold the mystery of the wedding when the couple came to church only at the request of the parents or other relatives, as well as in the case when one of the newlyweds are not baptized or refuses to accept baptism before a wedding ceremony directly in the church or temple.

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