Church impediments to marriage

Probably every modern wedding includestwo processes: the wedding ceremony at the registry office, and so popular at the present time wedding. But before you go to church or temple should be aware that there are impediments to the marriage, and some couples may be denied in the wedding.

As a rule, before committing to the process of wedding the priest finds a young couple, whether church-canonical impediments to marriage in the church.

So, obstacles to marriage in the churchWhich can lead to the denial of the wedding:

  • Not every civil marriage registered in a registry office, may serve as a reason for holding wedding ceremony.
  • The Church does not permit the marriage of more than three times.
  • Persons who are close relatives can not marry.
  • Beliefs and religious views of one of the pairs (not baptized, is not ready to be baptized, confirmed atheist).
  • One of married couples to another.
  • Civil marriage is not dissolved in the established church order.
  • Previous marriage was crowned, and do not have permission from the bishop to his termination and blessings upon remarriage.
  • Consanguinity bride and groom.
  • Spiritual kinship, through newfound vospriemnichestvo at baptism.
  • One of the couples who believes another Christian denomination (Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, etc.).
  • Other religion one of the pair (Islam, Buddhism, Judaism).
  • The man who took monastic vows and celibacy.

All these obstacles to marriage are revealed during preparation of documents for the wedding.

There are times when the Church frees itself fromclarification of certain conditions, such as age of the future spouses, psychological and physical health, voluntary and reciprocity solutions. All these nuances are revealed during preparation of documents for registration of marriage in the registry office.

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