Is it possible to divorce the church?

Recently, due to the increasingthe number of divorces, the concept of "debunking". It follows from the logical chain of reasoning: if you can marry and divorce, you can get married and debunked. So if a church divorce is possible?


In fact, no such thing as "debunking"the church does not exist. Knowing this it is necessary first of all to those who are preparing for the sacrament of the wedding. But unfortunately, talk about it with the bride and groom, the priest, is possible only on a confession, or at meetings before the wedding ceremony.

But at these meetings, according to manyclergy, undesirable words overshadow the wedding celebration of the church's divorce. And so, as most newlyweds come to church just to the ceremony, the Church's understanding of marriage and the family, it is still unknown, but the very Sacrament - a beautiful, magical rite.

The fact that people come to church withthe question of debunking, says that they are not aware of the tragedy of the Orthodox family breakdown. But the family is conceived by the Lord, as the union of two people loving each other, men and women, for a lifetime. Let us recall the Gospel of Matthew: "I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery, and marries a divorced woman commits adultery."

Understanding the family as a small church, the meaning of which -salvation united in its people, the Church excludes divorce as a kind of an absurd notion. It can not be Jesus Christ between the two Churches and the Church - someone other than Christ. A family united by love of man and woman to each other and to God.

The reasons for divorce recognized by the church.

But there are reasons why the ChurchHe recognizes that the family split up. The reason for the termination of marriage, sanctified by the Church, admits: adultery of one of the spouses' inability to marital cohabitation, which came to the marriage, or which was the result of intentional self-mutilation ", venereal disease, an incurable mental illness, long missing and malevolent abandonment of one spouse to another.

What if divorce is inevitable?

What to do to his wife, who found in thisthe list of reasons, those who have become the realities of his life? It can not be a church divorce! The answer is to pray. To pray or to maintain the family, or that the Lord will help you in this difficult situation, and you rely on throughout his will.

True faith will help you to improve relations in the family, or to find someone with whom you connect your life. For the consecration of a new marriage should apply to the diocese.

The right to remarry given to the spouse whose guilt is not in the same family disintegration.

So, we come to the most important ideas of this article - do not turn over the church divorce and permission to remarry.

It is important to understand the difference between these two concepts. You're not going to find premarital freedom, and for the consecration of a new family life.

Those who read this article due to the fact thatalready disappointed in your partner, we want wisdom and patience. Ask, and it will be heard! Well, those who with excitement and joyful anticipation of preparing for the Sacrament of wedding, let reflect on the seriousness and importance of this. Let the love that connects you, will help to overcome all of life's adversities and hardships, and give you more joyful and happy days!

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