What you need for the wedding?

By organizing a wedding ceremony must beapproached with the utmost seriousness. For Nala, to determine in which the church and what day you want to get married. In those churches where there is no prior registration, you will be able to get married right on the wedding day. Talk to the priest who will conduct the wedding ceremony, he will tell you what you need for the wedding, and at what time to come to the ceremony.

In the days of early Christianity Weddingheld immediately after the morning liturgy. At the present time it happens rarely, but the bride and groom visit the liturgy, as well as confession and communion before the wedding, of course.

Fasting before confession and communion.

Find out in the temple of the rules must be the week of weddingtwo accomplishments to the Sacraments. It is necessary to carefully prepare not only in terms of organization, but also the spiritual. The bride and groom have to post before confession and communion. Three days of fasting and prayer, and a visit to the evening services. What prayer read, you can learn from the priest, or from the literature, which will advise the bench in the church, which is in each temple.

In addition to prayer, abstaining from animal products - meat, dairy products, eggs, as well as abstaining from marital relations.

What you need for a wedding in the churchDirectly on your wedding day? The bride and groom come to the church for the Divine Liturgy, pray, confess, take Communion. Then, go to the temple requires about an hour, and the bride and groom can dress for the wedding.

Relatives and friends can come to the top of the Sacraments.

What to take with you.

  • Wedding candles, four handkerchief to keep the candles and wedding crowns, white cloth or towel. All this you can buy in advance in the church shop at the temple.
  • Headgear for the bride.
  • On the newlyweds have to be worn under the crosses.
  • Before the wedding the priest give engagement rings. He sanctify them.

Rules wedding for the bride.

  • It should be with a cape to cover the shoulders and chest. On his head is better not to wear a veil is very lush, as the proximity to the burning candles can be dangerous.
  • Discreet bridal make-up, or no makeup.
  • Ornaments - the minimum number.
  • It is impossible to be present in the church in trousers.

The sacrament is not performed.

  • During posts (Assumption, Lent, Petrovsky, Christmas).
  • During the carnival.
  • During Easter week.
  • From Christmas to Epiphany.

Learn more in detail this information, you will be able to have a priest in the Orthodox or the bench.

What you need for a wedding, if you have a second marriage.

The Orthodox Church does not approve of remarriage. So, the wedding is not performed for the third and fourth marriages. Second marriage allowed. In this case, committed a rank to which you add the two prayers of repentance. If one of the newly-married couple gets married for the first time, then it performed the usual rite.

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