Various Wedding towels

During the ancient traditional rites,perhaps one of the main elements of the ritual is a towel. Such an important event like a wedding, too, can not do without it. To comply with all the details in the wedding ceremony took about forty towels, which garnered advance, painstakingly decorated with embroidery.

Each wedding towel served its purpose and had its name. The biggest and most beautiful was called "rukobitnoe" and to present the groom, the bride and express consent of parents to marriage.

"Blessed," embroidered in red thread towelHe served as an ornament of icons that parents blessed "young" before the wedding. These towels were part of the dowry. At the wedding the bride and groom stood on the "wedding" snow white towel. White symbolizes purity web cloud, where a young couple comes into the kingdom of heaven, for it is only there, looking up from the sinful world, we can receive the blessing of marriage. During the religious ceremony the priest bandaging the hands of bride and groom "the Union" a towel. Thus, the "tying" of newly made husband and wife to each other, expressing spiritual union, love and unity. This towel decorated with floral ornaments, the names of "young", the traditional words "advice and love." On the threshold of the house after the wedding, met with "young" parents and an old Russian tradition to present bread and salt to the "hospitable" rushnyk. It was certainly embroidered flowers as a symbol of desire and prosperity, wealth, children and a couple of birds, symbolizes loyalty.

Bride dispensed towels relatives of her future husband. Towels adorn the wedding train: on the backs of horses, instead of the reins, wrapped around the arc, tied over his shoulder at the participating festivals - performs many functions in the wedding ceremony towel.

Years later, after the wedding, carefully preservedtowels also are used to decorate the house and give the identity of your holidays and anniversaries. Each time, taking their wedding towels, you will remember the extraordinary celebration - your wedding, which was due to these unique Russian rites and traditions and, of course, not without the help of symbolic and colorful towels.

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