What is a virtual wedding?

What is the virtual marriage?

Usually it all starts with the fact that one girlIt sends a statement to the forum or chat this or that idea, which supports one or the other guy. Then, the dialogue between them is tied, turning into a friendly conversation, and then there is love and if it is logical to argue, continues the work of the wedding (Read also about the relationship between a man and a woman). Since love is virtual, respectively, a virtual love and marriage.

Virtual marriage is as follows. One of the young must apply to point to the name and e-mail of the elect, and, directly, the estimated date and time of the wedding online. Then the future newlyweds receive a letter in the mail, which contains the invitation to the wedding and password. At the ceremony the bride and groom have the right to invite witnesses, friends, relatives, acquaintances. In due time all the guests, and, of course, the bride and groom are going to a specific site, where for the virtual wedding special "set aside" Wedding Hall, and enter their password. Then the virtual registration of marriage, during which the young are given a variety of questions on the subject, and, if the bride and groom, all questions are answered "yes," marriage certificate is issued as a result of both the ceremony. It can be printed out and stored at home.

So who came up with the first holdOnline wedding, probably forever remain a great mystery, but in history there are cases where virtual marriage passed in the real. That is celebrated with this motorcade decorated, master of ceremonies, witnesses, guests, music, gifts and, of course, champagne!

In conclusion, we want to say that no matter howvirtual marriage was not, still it will remain important and, of course, responsible event, as you prepare for it, finds happiness with someone else. So what that the virtual, the main thing - happiness!

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