Interestingly, while some wedding traditions still exist?

For example, there are two versions in Russiaweddings: celebration and drama. With a fun, noisy, happy marriage is clear. And how goes the second option? Imagine the scenario of such wedding Funny bride with her friends and older relatives began to wail and cry from the date of collusion. But this is something else ... At the wedding special invited mourners who continually howled, she wailed, wept, introducing the bride and all those present in the state of tragedy and depression. One can easily imagine the state of the groom, who waits for their wedding night so mournful picture.

But on the Mongol custom, after the bride's motherwedding, when all the guests went home, put her in her hem or heavy stone ax, to show that it is now "the family is soldered as hard as stone or iron." An interesting custom of giving the bride edged weapon or stone before the wedding night! And most importantly, a sort of a funny bride may pose a direct threat to the future husband.

Particularly "lucky" men from one tribe toRwanda is a country in Central America. There, after the wedding ceremony, the bride was sent to the house of her husband was not due to the romantic mood. She ruthlessly inflicted wounds and scratches to her husband. This battle lasted sometimes until morning. Moreover, her husband had no right to even say a word. In the morning, funny bride quietly removed in her parents' home to freshen up and to sleep. After the battle was repeated the next night! So, after the bride tired maim her husband, or after the last there was not a single living space, husband ... the wife allowed to take off the veil. Only after such a life of torture in such a family is part of normal. However, witnesses say that after the husband and wife will never quarrel. Here in fact!

Even more interesting things in one nation inSouth India. There, a young girl gets married exactly three days. And then the husband is obliged to divorce her and leave her home forever. A funny bride begins to wind itself countless lovers. In general, before it opens up tremendous opportunities for the organization in many ways. What makes this time her husband was exiled - history is silent.

And in some parts of Brazil, if the husband finds out,that his wife has a lover, he invites it to hunt, and after thereof may be invited to live in the house as her second husband. But it is, perhaps, if he did not shoot him during a hunt.

So, dear man, do not tell us,that after the wedding, "you suddenly felt a few years older." Here we send you to reeducation in Brazil or Africa! You will get such a funny bride as in Rwanda, then just understand what we have good paws and lovely wife!

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