Are you ready for the wedding?

The trouble of preparing a wedding can omiton the ground even in the clouds loving couple. This is the first kind of check on the fortress of their feelings, the ability to operate smoothly and to solve problems. Perhaps you, like everyone wants a magical and unique memorable wedding. If funds allow to realize the most daring ideas and dreams, that's fine. Just need to turn in a wedding agency and the state all their wishes and preferences. Professionals perform all at the highest level. But, often, dedicated to the event budget limits the possibilities, and can only hope for its own inexhaustible imagination and help numerous families in dealing with organizational matters.

If you still want glamor and luxury, it is notbe sure to order the most expensive restaurant for a wedding can be obtained effectively decorate cheaper ballroom. Imagine yourself a theatrical designer, select the style direction and call for help talented male and female friends, whose taste does not cause you doubt.

At least what you have to take care of it -wedding procession, photo and video shooting, outfits, dinner and entertainment program. Each of these items is very important, and the weight, so you need to save carefully and deliberately, so that it would have no one noticed. If your friends have a smart machine that is suitable for a wedding convoy, wonderful. It remains to decorate it. If, however, the car is not quite luxurious, it is better to save money on something else, but the limousine for the bride and groom.

Of particular note is the organization of photos andvideo. This is what can not be neglected. Well, if it is a friend or relative among the guests, who have decent equipment and expertise in such matters. In addition, the person must be responsible enough. You must be sure that he did not relax during the banquet, immortalized only the first half of the wedding. If there is such a friend, you must give him a wedding scenario, in order that it is always in the right place at the right time.

wedding scenario: entertainment and contests, music and, most importantly, lead and coordinator of the event - toaster - all this can be arranged by yourself if to invite a familiar team of KVN of your institute. Otherwise, too, will have to turn to professionals. Select toastmaster and musicians who work together, team, so you can save.

Organizing a wedding, as far as possible keep a given bar and really appreciate their strength. Let none that will not spoil this day!

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