All of a culture of peace at your wedding!

Business contacts, multinational festivalssocial networks make our world a surprisingly open when anyone can easily make a friend in any part of the planet. Together we make up a colorful cultural mosaic. Every people can find exciting wedding traditions. Some of them are attracted to symbolism, other - fun, others - rationality. And if you try to connect them all to the wedding?

Greek engagement

During the ceremony, the bride's engagement Greekget gold wedding rings. However, before the wedding ceremony in the church, this ring is worn on the left arm, and after the wedding - on the right. The distinguishing feature - a special inscription on the ring. This minor detail, even after many years will remind lovers what they mean to each other and add romance in relationship.

Moroccan wedding preparation

milk bath

Many brides are working on a figure and healthbefore the wedding, as the wedding portal They visit beauty salons, dentist offices or spa-treatments. So brides have to taste the Moroccan tradition. In this sultry country bride take milk baths, as a sign of purification and a way of relaxation. After that, the girls are sent to a massage with aromatic oils.

Asian and American version of the dress

If you can not determine with a dress orYou want to embarrass yourself in movements during the banquet, dressed in a fluffy dress and veil, follow the example of Asian brides. For example, in China, Japan or Korea bride should change clothes several times a day before the wedding. It's part of the tradition, which only emphasizes the beauty of the bride and allows the girl to appear in different images, delighting guests. In America, during the last years it has become popular to wear a formal dress for a wedding ceremony and change into evening dress (style appropriate to the first, or simply fit the taste of the bride) for a banquet.

Scottish "Mendelssohn"

Scottish ceremony

If you are tired of the standard music in the registry office,offer their own versions. And even better - to arrange the marriage registration and make music to your taste. For example, in Scotland a long time couples get married under the bagpipes.

Moravian candles

In Moravia, there is a surprisingly romantictradition. In the evening, after dark, the bride and groom light a candle. Then from her parents flame candles and so the circle lit candles all guests. It is a beautiful tradition that emphasizes the unity of families and friends.

french glasses

Wedding cups

In many countries, the newlyweds decorated glassesspecial way. For example, in China for glasses tie red ribbons, believing that it will bring good luck. On Slavic weddings glasses are sometimes linked to the couple in the first minutes of life together learn to do everything together. But the most impressive tradition as experts site believed to live in France, the wine country. At weddings, the couple drink from the special glasses that are used only during the celebration. At the same time they drink from these cups, which were used by their ancestors in ancient times and passed them on from generation to generation.

Celtic fun

Celtic fun

No one, perhaps, can not as fun asIrish or the Scots. Wedding fun on the emerald island thought out and combined with centuries-old wedding customs. Here and live cheerful music and folk dances, and romantic songs and ballads of the brave and good jokes. There is no place for banality or vulgarity that sometimes offer "toastmaster" at our weddings. Here are all genuinely happy event and celebrate it with a soul.

Go Italian

Seeing newlyweds

In Italy, the first day of the wedding does not endbanquet. After a good night guests arrange almost hits in noisy honeymooners and escorted them to the honor of the hotel on the wedding night, or sent to a honeymoon.

In any corner of the world there are interesting wedding customs. But if you pick the best and join in its celebration can turn a very original and beautiful wedding.

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