Where to spend a bachelorette party

The role of the organizer of the bachelorette party before the wedding is usuallybest friend falls culprits celebrations, because she knows the tastes, preferences and desires of the bride. It will have to spend an original cheerful holiday that everyone will remember for a long time. The first thing you have to decide - where to spend a bachelorette party.

Where noted bachelorette party in Moscow

Plenty of options where to spend a bachelorette party inMoscow offers a huge metropolis - here regularly works the entertainment industry. Think about what your girlfriend likes - a relaxing holiday in nature (eg, Sokolniki Park), fabulous restaurants with unusual cuisine, karaoke till the morning? Embark on a cozy pub, visit incendiary night club or order a limousine to spend the last day of freedom of the bride in style.

Where in Moscow to hold a bachelorette party

Pajama party pillow-house

If you are looking for where to spend cozy bachelorette party, thehome furnishings such case fits best. Economical option home bachelorette party allow for a carefree and fun time. To pajama party was a success, create a pleasant atmosphere - decorate the house, prepare delicious alcoholic beverages, make snacks. The main charm of appartment: girls can have fun, not paying attention to anything - because no one will look crooked.

You can arrange the original game, with contestsfun activities, the accumulation of bonus points - let the whole company gets off to glory. Also popular is the scenario of children's parties, symbolizing the bride's farewell with a carefree life, his attributes - balloons, candy, cartoons, everything that is associated with childhood.

Hen house

Bachelorette party at the cafe, bar or nightclub

Interesting, cozy cafes allow you totalk, the bar will provide an opportunity to try all the cocktails from a large menu and a night club will provide a place to freely natantsevatsya during a bachelorette party. But if you are confused to choose where to have a party for the bride and her friends while guided by a simple rule - holiday setting should depend on the culprit celebration, because for her everything is organized.

  • She loves to sing? Feel free to book a table at the karaoke bar.
  • Bride - gurmanka? Let the venue will be the cafe of her favorite dishes.
  • Stay active? Then choose the club.

Create a script bachelorette party based on one important factor - it tastes.

What to choose for a bachelorette party - a cafe, a bar, a club?

The restaurant

Where to spend a stylish bachelorette party in style? Without a doubt - in an expensive restaurant! Beautiful clothes, exquisite food, sparkling champagne and pleasant music will help to relax the soul of prenuptial hassle. Make an interesting dress code - it can be elegant sixties hairdo Babette dresses and lady-like style or American twenties, when it was the fashion for cold wave and straight dresses. Ideally, when the clothes all the girls have the same color, and the bride stands out.

Restaurant - the perfect place for a bachelorette party

Bath bachelorette party in sauna

Even in Russia the day before marrying girlfriendtraditionally gathered at the bachelorette party, to go along with narrowing wash in the bath. Now very few who spend a bachelorette party on the eve of the celebration, however, a sauna for a week is not only pleasant, but also useful for skin - combine it with a spa treatment.

bath bachelorette party

In the limousine

Where you can spend a bachelorette party in a big way, so it is inhuge limousine. Prepare a list of participating events and make a car - all limousines are designed for a certain number of people. Make a map that will guide the driver. You can make stops in the territory of memorial for the bride places photographed, dance, drink, be put out of the hatch and share emotions with night city.

This unusual way to spend a bachelorette party for sure please all those present.

Where to spend a chic bachelorette party: Limousine

In aquapark

Fun water rides great choicelovers of active holidays. This pastime is where original classic house party watching movies or going to the club. Plenty narezvivshis on the roller coaster, visit cafes nearby - there you will have the opportunity to discuss the upcoming celebration.

The original bachelorette party at a water park


Respond to the question of where to spend the best bachelorette party,simple: nature! Remove the house in a special complex or have a picnic in the beautiful river. Invite men to help you with this event - to prepare the grill for barbecue, light a fire. It will be fine if the groom and his friends want to join with your bachelorette party - then get to spend a full family vacation. If you celebrate alone with her beloved, then invite friends, take a few litters, simple snacks, good wine and go to look beautiful place.

Bachelorette party in nature

In the beauty salon (Spa Party)

Any girl will be glad tospa party. This relaxing party may include any procedures for the improvement of the skin, nails and hair - this particular kind of bachelorette party the bride will gain strength and to make himself a real beauty, because the wedding chores are not left time for a full, in-depth care. If such a little leisure, after all recreational activities, apply light make-up and go - have fun on.

Health bachelorette party at the spa

On a walk

If the venue was a bachelorette partyopen, and the street is good weather happy - why not go on a holiday trip? Each girl will be pleased to share with the world your happiness. Make a plan in advance a walk, think of interesting games, the task to make it a fun and unusual.

Make funny t-shirts, which are"Explain" to passers-by: T let the main character will be decorated with the words "bride" and the rest - "Bridesmaids". European girls sure to wear something pink during the bachelorette party.

The right approach will make from a casual walk around the city truly memorable adventure.
It's great fun and spend this holiday, look at the video:

Hen - glamorous photoshoot

A great surprise will be inviteda professional photographer at the celebration. He can shoot the scheduled event, but even better would be specially prepared for the beautiful glamorous photo shoot. Spend it, clearing a small boat by ordering photographic studio or just walking around the city. The presence of different attributes (plates, T-shirts, balls) will decorate the memorable photos from a bachelorette party.

The best time for

It is no secret that today's girls canrip as well as men - alcohol flowing river, dancing till you drop, returning home to the late morning. That after such celebrations are not the bride slept own wedding, spend it in advance - for example, for a week.

Club party, bachelorette party for the bride

Recommendations for the preparation of

A few tips to help you prepare this fun enjoyable holiday:

  • Pre-prepared guest list will begreat start training. Names, phone numbers, age, all the girls have to be written - the latter will need to organize the club party, which can not be a minor.
  • Without a plan - anywhere. He can arrange to hold a bachelorette party and not lost during the celebration.
  • Let other participants to help you - talk to each other about the financial or investing (the idea, place, attributes).
  • Overview of the search space and style - the bride, her preferences.
  • The dress code will be a beautiful addition to a holiday.
  • Photos you can do yourself, but professional pictures look more beautiful and better - Call the photographer on holiday.
  • Small gifts - for example, the winner of the competition - should also be on the bachelorette party.

The organization, preparation, search for a place for suchevents - not an easy task. Make your choice, taking into account the preferences of the culprit celebration, and in extreme cases - do not hesitate to talk about it with her. Then the question of where to spend a fun bachelorette party will be resolved, and the celebration will be absolutely unforgettable.

Do you have any experience in organizing a bachelorette party? Tell us about it by leaving your comments.