What to give for a bachelorette party

The forthcoming marriage brings not onlyjoy, but also a strong emotional stress, because you need so much time to, and not enough time. But before the wedding is to relax a little and this will not help nothing better as a noisy farewell to bachelorhood. Besides girlfriend cook nice gifts for a bachelorette party. And to the presents and souvenirs reminiscent of long bride of the past fun, important to know that it is worth to give.

What to consider when choosing a gift for a bachelorette party?

Before you begin an active search for a bachelorette party gifts, carefully read and accept a present selection criteria:

  • Bachelorette party itself - it is a joke and a happy holiday,surprise therefore must be the same. Remember, your chosen gift must have some merit, so that he could give a pleasant memory of the bride.
  • When choosing a gift, consider the taste of the young so that you will not only surprise, but also to please a girlfriend that will not go unnoticed.
  • If you decide on a hen party to present somecool gift, think, not whether it would be offensive because humor can be a very fine line, and there is a risk to hurt not only the presence of guests and the bride.
  • Soon the holiday and you do not have time to go onShopping? Do not worry, because there are a large number of specialized online resources that will help you select the original and interesting gift. However, even order on the internet is done no later than one week before the bachelorette party.
  • Discuss with other guests present version of the general - for example, book a restaurant and make a surprise to the bride.
  • When choosing a gift, consider the degree of intimacy with the bride. If you are a friend or work in a company, do not buy underwear.

Subtleties choice of souvenir

Ideas original gifts for the bride

Wedding - an important event, but itEve is traditionally celebrated a bachelorette party, to which are prepared. This memorable day is to leave only happy memories, so friends must try and prepare not only pleasant, but also unique gifts. If you are invited to a bachelorette party close friend, do not forget to pick up and the way in which you go on holiday.


If a girl homebody, while she likeda gift that will feel comfortable in your own home. For example, it may be some beautiful robe, pajamas, tracksuit, robe, made in Chinese style or a soft and comfortable fabric. Choose not only among the elements of the wardrobe, because in the bachelorette party will be a perfect gift set for foam baths, salts or oils. Maybe your girlfriend likes to relax after a tiring day.

Present for the soul

A good gift would be and candles (choosearomatic sets based flavors girlfriend) aromalampa with different types of oils. At the bachelorette party you will be able to present a set of blankets, towels, which embroider initials or young stylish cushions, which have anti-stress effect. If young after the wedding planning to move into their own home, while a good gift for them will be the soft-skin rug on which they will be able to lay the long winter evenings, a rocking chair, a beautiful vase, picture, set of dishes or something in the art.

Nice souvenirs

Gift certificates

Increasingly, there are cases when a frienddo not know what a present to present at hen party - for example, it may be a book, photo album with memorable photos, cosmetics or planned party. But in recent years, have become increasingly popular gift certificates that will be just the perfect gift, because you do not have long puzzled over what to choose, and the bride will be satisfied. Surely you know, in some stores loves to be the future bride and buy him a gift certificate will not be difficult.

Gift certificates

Funny gifts

If you want to do is not only good, but also a special gift, consider the following options:

  • Buy a book of recipes to marrying your girlfriend cook delicious meals for only the elect or for guests who can suddenly come to visit.
  • Erotic book. The store offers a wide range of diverse literature, offering every day a new sexy entertainment.
  • Remote control man.
  • Aprons with funny pictures.
  • Set for an intimate drawing, which will help diversify the personal life and make new colors in it.
  • Arrange a festive evening and make a bride in a lap dance as a gift.

Funny we launched

What we launched can do with your hands?

Memorable gifts you can make your own hands:

  • Soap. Perhaps you even once thought about how to make soap with his own hands - it is a wonderful gift to the bride at the bachelorette party. Get in a pharmacy glycerin and favorite of young aromatic oils and silicone molds and dyes in specialized stores. Do not be lazy and make the whole set, which will be a long time to give young pleasant memories.
  • The album with pictures of the young before marriage madein scrapbooking style. Take photos of the bride you can with relatives or in their own album, if you are friends for many years. This is one of the best of gifts to the bachelorette party, which will remain in the memory.
  • Beautiful mug. One should be shown a photo of the bride and groom on the second. Order such a present will not be difficult.

Souvenirs with their hands

What to give the bridesmaids?

If the bride at bachelorette party wants to make gifts to their friends, here are some interesting ideas:

  • A variety of jewelry - necklaces, pendants, bracelets, which they can wear to a wedding.
  • Soft toys that have some meaning.
  • Clutches or purses - buy all her friends the same small bags and on their inner side make box with the text to be reminded of the bachelorette party.
  • Gift sets - for example, cosmetic, from some well-known company.
  • The glasses, which will be the wedding date.
  • Garter - give your close friends onsuch a beautiful gift, and then do the photo, which will show their legs. Pick a garter, differing in color, which will create an interesting contrast.