What to give for a bachelorette party bride

During a fun party, bachelorette party acceptedgive nice memorable gifts. Expensive jewelry, money, supplies for household better to reserve a wedding celebration, and during the farewell of the bride with a free life manifest originality. These can be gifts made with their own hands, cosmetics, underwear - it depends on your imagination. Here are some ideas to help you decide what to give the bride at bachelorette party.


The girls, who, above all, appreciate the convenience andfunctionality, suitable practical options. You can pick up the hero of the occasion clothing and accessories: silk Chinese robe, comfortable, pajamas of pleasant fabric, purse, pen engraved with my name, stylish leather pouch. What do something useful for the house exactly come in handy: Embroidered towels in the bathroom, beautiful designer rug for the hallway. Any girl would be happy to receive gift certificates: a course of relaxing spa-treatments, free access to a stylist. She will enjoy a set of luxury cosmetics - it will be expensive, but will be an excellent gift.

Practical gifts for the bride


Touching memorabilia will be a wonderful gift if you do not know what to give the bride at the bachelorette party:

  • Album with school, university photosthe bride and her bridesmaids. This sentimental thing for sure will touch her heart. In addition, you can additionally present a photo session by inviting professional and supplemented after the bachelorette party photo album with new pictures.
  • Slideshow with your favorite music celebration culprits brought back memories.
  • The poem with wishes, friendship, history,written by your favorite friends, certainly not forgotten. If you do not know how to write poetry yourself, order them from a professional writer, or use special Internet services to help rhyme words.

Memorable gift for a bachelorette party


If the bride has a good sense of humor,buy her cool souvenirs: apron symbolizes its future "work" for cooking, plate for door «do not disturb», t-shirts with funny slogans, which are suitable for the event. Things that remind you of future love affairs may please culprit celebration: perfume aphrodisiacs, fluffy handcuffs.

Funny gifts for girlfriend

The hands

The best gifts are still thosethat are made with their own hands. Use imagination to come up with the perfect surprise - it may be unusually shaped candle, a beautiful vase, painted with acrylic paints, any clothing, hand-stitched or bound you.

Video master class on making candles:

Eastern painted vases, master class:

Support her passion

Surely the future wife has a hobby orenthusiasm. Podyschu the one that will help her to develop in this direction. If she is a lover of horses, buy a certificate a month free access to the Equestrian Club; dancer delight new and convenient to practice, things - shoes, clothes, and the traveler is always looking for a good tourism attributes - quality stylish suitcase with her initials gear.

Tools for needlework as a gift for a bachelorette party


You still have not figured out what to give to a bachelorette partythe bride? Classic and timeless yet one did not disappoint. An interesting book, movie tickets, or theater, a gift certificate cosmetics shop, dvd-compilation of her favorite movies and, eventually, a bottle of expensive alcohol will be a perfect solution.

Gift certificates for the bride at the bachelorette party


The girls, who are not always averse to eat tasty, hearty meal, a symbolic edible gift will like. It may be:

  • Basket of fruits, vegetables, berries. Nice solution for a healthy diet.
  • Unusual, beautifully decorated candy bouquet.
  • Lovers of coffee will appeal to a new, simple method of cooking drink: French-press.
  • Sweet Cake - a classic. Decorate it with all sorts of thematic inscriptions, figurines, paintings.
  • If you want something a little more interesting, arrange outdoor picnic gourmet - instead of classic sandwiches Bring favorite food of the bride.
  • Pay hike to a nice restaurant that will please culprit celebration.

Basket with flowers and fruits on a hen party for a friend

Pure female

All girls like to look after myself welldress, painted. Buy her things that will contribute to this: high-quality brushes for make-up products (. Mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, etc.), expensive lingerie, elegant lightweight scarf.

The caring and decorative cosmetics in a gift

sexually explicit

If the bride can not be called shy, thingswearing a sexual nature, may it please - frank lingerie for the wedding night the couple, stylish, stockings, erotic corset, night robe, which is exactly thrill her future husband. Bold girlfriends can come up with the idea to call the stripper, but then they need to be careful - not every girl will be happy to such a scenario, although this game - a great opportunity for all goodbye to "riotous" free life.

Set underwear gift to the girlfriend on a hen party

Designed for wedding

Even if the hero of the occasion has completed allcooking, it would be nice to receive gifts, which will decorate the wedding: the bride and groom figurine, which will decorate the wedding cake elegant garter, fan, umbrella, stole - any accessories that are suitable for it as well.

Wedding attributes as a gift for a bachelorette party

What not to give?

There are several items that give during the bachelorette party - a bad omen.

  • Mirror. It brings trouble, if you believe in superstitions.
  • Knives. Such a gift, according to the signs, will create tension in the future family.
  • Clock. They create a sense of "beginning of the end" of marriage.

Looking at these folk traditions, good roada mirror, a good set of sharp, expensive knives and stylish watch can be a nice gift for the bride - it all depends on superstition present. Remember, the main thing - that the gifts were from the heart. Then, no matter what they cost or utility - even an armful of colored balloons will please his beloved girlfriend.

Tell us in the comments what you gave gifts or want to give the bride at bachelorette party.