The bridesmaids

Cheerful company of beautiful girls,surrounding the bride on the wedding day, making the event more elegant and solemn. Appeared in Russia thanks to Hollywood movies, the concept of "bridesmaid" - a wonderful tradition escort the bride to the altar close friends. In addition, women - not just a suite honeymooners, but also the main assistants, support the bride during a wedding celebration. How to organize the escort of the bridesmaids, the holiday went smoothly and fun?

The image of the bridesmaids

When choosing an image for girlfriends, make sure thatto the girls outfits looked harmoniously in the overall fabric of the wedding, emphasizing the image of the bride. The main thing - to achieve unity, which is often difficult, because the girls have different appearance, types of shapes, individual preferences. How do I choose an evening dress or a skirt with a blouse? What color? Length? Style? Try to understand all of these questions with examples.

Hairstyles and dresses

Preferably used as a dressfor groomsmen bride elegant, long evening dress, but if the wedding format provides a more informal clothes, the perfect option is set skirt plus a blouse, see photo below. Choosing bridesmaids on this important role, discuss with them different options to dress during the wedding celebration was comfortable, not interfere with participants to carry out their important responsibilities.

Example outfit girlfriends - skirt with a blouse

A great way to achieve harmony in the images -use one style in dress girlfriends bride. This option is suitable for women who have about the same parameters of shape / growth, and if friends do not object to the same outfits. If women have different kinds of shapes, then select different styles of dresses, achieving a single image using a monochromatic color palette.

Wedding Dresses bridesmaids same color and style

The perfect solution for bridesmaid dressbride dress-transformer, which provides the ability to create 50 different styles. This is a simple, cost-effective option for girlfriends outfits. Having bought all the same dress, you take into account individual preferences of girls, especially their shape, preserving the unity of the image of the bride bridesmaids.

Dress-transformer for bridesmaids bride

The color scheme for the bridesmaid dressselected based on the format of the wedding and the bride's preferences. Well look delicate shades of pink, lavender, sky blue, green, mint, silver or brighter colors of turquoise, fuchsia. Depending on the effect, which wants to make the bride dresses, the color can vary from pastel to saturated colors.

Solid groomsmen bride dresses

Black / white groomsmen outfits for the bride -traditional wedding colors newlyweds. Choosing the colors, pick up accessories to outfits girlfriends contrasting colors that are consistent with the image of the newlyweds. For example, a white dress suit blue silk ribbons, belts, tailored to match the bride's bouquet, or a black outfit - yellow shoes / accessories, in the same style with accessories future wife, as in the photo below.

Black dresses bride friends

Well look not only monochromatic optionsoutfits and dresses made of cloth with different patterns. Geometric figures, floral print or pattern "peacock feathers", as in the photo below, emphasize the individuality and beauty of the girls. By choosing colorful dress female friends, pay attention to the drawing was not very large and bright, otherwise all guests' attention will be on the clothes, and the girls remain in the shadows.

Dresses for bridesmaids with a pattern on the fabric

The length of the dress girlfriends choose to your taste. Convenient format hem dress - knee-length, does not interfere during the holiday, suitable for almost all types of figures of girls. Another popular option is considered to be the length of the maxi dress with a length also go to all the girls, successfully hiding figure flaws. length dress for bridesmaids can be different, while seeking harmony in costumes uniform color scheme, as in the photo below.

Dresses bridesmaids of different lengths

Having defined the color, style dress, pickevening hairstyle for the bride groomsmen, emphasizing the created image. Hairstyles etiquette must be the same or in a similar style. Please note that this role involves many duties during the wedding, so choosing a hairstyle, be guided not only the beauty, but also on functionality, usability, to laying preserved throughout the wedding celebration.

Options for hairstyles future wife girlfriends

Stripes and flowers on hand girlfriends

To add an image bridesmaids helpa variety of accessories, echoing each other, and the bride attire, such as nice, stylish headbands and flowers on girls arm. The compositions of flowers, beads, silk ribbons perfectly emphasize the image of a friend, select it from the crowd of guests, will look great in the wedding photo shoot.

Options dressing on the arm bridesmaids

Bridesmaids in Red

Red color - the perfect choice for dressesbride's friends at a wedding party organized in bright colors. A lot of red shades allows to choose the color for every taste: from bright red to deep crimson. Choosing this bold color for the dress, avoid too candid styles of dresses to the image of the bride's girlfriends was stylish, bright and elegant.

Examples groomsmen outfits of the bride in red

Responsibilities bridesmaids

A friend of the bride - a responsible, important role to play in thewedding, having a lot of responsibilities, it is the bride's personal assistant, in fact the organizer of the wedding. On "position" is usually assigned the closest friend or relative whose future wife trusts completely, unconditionally. If there are several friends of the bride, then select the most responsible, who will lead and manage the rest of the girls, distributing responsibilities between them, solving internal disputes and disagreements.

Wedding bridesmaids duties:

  • Help in choosing the bride wedding image, and in the future all the attributes for it: a wedding dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, hairstyle.
  • Discussion, coordination of all the nuances with the stylist, hairdresser, makeup artist and other personnel involved during pre-wedding preparation.
  • Help when sending wedding invitations.
  • Organizing a bachelorette party for the bride, taking into account the taste preferences of the bride.
  • Preparation and holding of redemption: the script, the speech participants, roles, rehearsals, props.
  • Advance preparation and decoration of the premises: the bride's apartment, a banquet hall, a hotel room.
  • Cooperation and assistance to the organizers of the wedding orwedding agency representatives, if they are involved. Otherwise, assumes all of their functionality, negotiating and discussing the details with the master of ceremonies, photographers, musicians, staff of the banquet hall.
  • Purchase of wedding accessories (figures on the cake, locks), and further control over their timely use.
  • Control of timing during the wedding, the observance of the rules of the day, to love the couple is not too late to register, a photo shoot or a banquet hall.
  • The decision of any organizational issues arising from relatives, guests, staff of the wedding day.
  • Help and moral support of the bride throughout the holiday.

Dance bridesmaids and the bride for the groom

Group dance the bride and her friends willa perfect gift for the bride and wedding guests, a variety of wedding party, allow the girls to show itself in all its glory. What to choose? Passionate flamenco or salsa fiery, sexy belly dancing or fun twist - you choose. Group representation bride friends - it is always a spectacular show that will not leave anyone indifferent person in the room.

Excellent choice of wedding dance look at the video:

Congratulations on the wedding bridesmaids

Congratulations on girlfriends - an important part ofwedding celebration. Girlfriends need to decide in what format they will congratulate the newlyweds: a song, poem, or simply sincere wishes. It's wise to prepare and rehearse all, then congratulations goes well, will leave fond memories for a long time be remembered to all guests attending the wedding.

A perfect example of a wedding gift from the bride to her friends look at the video:

Video: Bracelets bridesmaids with their hands

Bracelets bride's easy to make your buddieshands. Use as a base bracelet wide lace adorning its various decorative elements: bows of satin ribbons, pearl beads and beads, artificial flowers made of silk, organza, nylon, paper or foamirana, polymer clay, gold or silver pendants, figures on the subject of wedding . Use your imagination to the full extent, then decoration will turn a beautiful, stylish and original.

Look at the video master class on making a bracelet with his own hands - bridal accessories for groomsmen.

Bridesmaids dresses in the same photo

Druzhki bride in identical dresses