T-shirts with slogans on a hen party

Every girl wants to arrange the originalbachelorette party, which will be remembered for a long time. Often this girl organize a theme party with a dress code. In forming a certain way, participants often choose trendy bachelorette party T-shirts with slogans on a hen party. Most stores offer a wide range of such products. This outfit is perfect for visiting any institution, whether a cafe or club, most importantly - fun was done on a farewell party.

Uniform style and fashion

Deciding to put the original T-shirts, you mustpick them up in one style to create a team of bridesmaids. Well, when such a style outfits, or stitched from the same cloth. It will be interesting to watch when girlfriend will wear clothes of the same color, and the bride stand out by wearing a contrasting outfit, usually white in color.

Attire bridesmaids at a bachelorette party

Print View

Show on clothes a specific record, slogan or picture can be by printing. There are several types of printing. Consider popular:

  • Silk straight. This print quality, durable. To put the image or text is used water or plastisol inks. Products that use this type of printing affordable.
  • Sublimation. With such a printing image is initially applied on special paper, and then exposed to the thermostat directly on the product itself.
  • digital. Standard Printing printer, but instead of the usualPaint - a special "tissue", and instead of paper - tissue. The pre-treated with a solution framework that is needed in order to paint a well-entrenched.

For the bride

Bachelorette party for the bride may choose one of the shirts:

  • With the standard signature "bride", "princess," or with the image of a girl in a wedding dress, for example, as in the photo.

Bride T-shirts at a farewell party
  • With funky slogans.

T-shirts for a bachelorette party with funky slogans

For girlfriends

For bridesmaids common inscriptions are considered "gang bride" or "bride's team." Often bridesmaids wear the same T-shirts on a hen party that looks interesting.

T-shirts for the bridesmaids at a bachelorette party

Where can I buy?

Buy ready-made t-shirt for a bachelorette party withcreative and original inscriptions possible in specialized shops that sell things with a print. Among the popular shops of Moscow Crazy Bride, Text print, mayki24.

Book T-shirts through the online store or make an individual order in places where printed prints, namely fabrikamaek.ru, homeshirt.ru, footbolka.ru, printio.ru.

Making T-shirts to order, you embody the idea in his own life by choosing a design that you like. This original outfit you can order in a gift to the groom.

The hands

Decorate this outfit you have original inscriptionsand you can own hands. It uses a variety of technologies: for print printing, bleaching, drawing inks, wax drawing crayons. Consider the step by step instructions of drawing on a fabric paints nerastekayuschimisya. This will require:

  • net base / fabric, the color of which you define yourself (fabric, it is desirable to choose a natural - cotton, waxed cotton);
  • paint on fabric;
  • a simple pencil, marker phantom;
  • contour on a tissue or the applicator;
  • cardboard;
  • Scotch;
  • a little imagination.

1. Before you begin to paint a T-shirt, to determine the inscription or pattern. After selecting an image, assess their capabilities - if you know how to draw, then safely start the outline drawing with a pencil or marker. The second way - the printed image circle template.

photo 1

2. Lay the T-shirt into a sheet of cardboard that figure is not fought on the back.

3. Apply the image, you can use ready-loop or applicator, which is poured a little paint.

photo 2

4. Pull the T-shirt on the board, so that the image turned out the most smooth, without bumps.

5. Outline the contours, good soaking fabric paint - so save the image clarity and contours remain nerazmytymi long time.

photo 3

6. After applying the circuit to dry it. For this purpose, use a hair dryer or wait until the product has dried itself.

picture 4

7. Decorate drawing with colored inks. For the application of suitable conventional brush for painting and paint dilute with water.

5 photos

8. After drying the T-shirt must be ironed iron by "cotton goods" mode. But between the pattern and iron lay the fabric, so that the image is not melted. When heated, the paint stronger bond with cloth, becoming more resistant to moisture.

6 photos

9. T-shirt ready for a bachelorette party. You can further decorate it with ribbons, rhinestones, ruffles.

7 photos

For a good example, right patterning, see the video below, where all the details tell the specialist.

T-shirts with inscriptions - the original outfit for a bachelorette party. You will be different and stand out from the crowd, will emphasize your individuality, as well as get great pictures.

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