Surprise for the bride at the bachelorette party

Preparations for the wedding ceremony, as well as tofollowed by a party takes a lot of time and effort in the future bride. A good idea to cheer up the girl being in anticipation of his wedding, hen considered. This event will help her to relax body and soul. Faithful friend gladly will take the trouble of organizing a bachelorette party. Will create a festive atmosphere the original gift to the bride. What to give future wife?

Surprise for the bride: Tips girlfriends

Planning a bachelorette party with a surprise for the bride, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances that will make the event truly memorable and impressive:

  • Create a makeshift veil girl. It must be of a light, sheer fabric. So you select the hero of the occasion among other holiday guests.

  • T-shirt or T-shirt with the inscription amusing,intended future bride, amuse her, as well as create a pleasant holiday atmosphere. It is now possible to order a variety of print labels on outer clothing. Pick a fun label or print on a T-shirt phrase whose meaning is clear only to your company.

T-shirt with the inscription amusing bridesmaids

Video Master class on painting on a T-shirt will help you decorate the clothing with their hands Bride original inscription.

To the pleasure of the evening we received allbachelorette party member, organize fun contests for the victory in which girls can get interesting surprises. Scenario competitions think over all the female company, but to hold them should one person / group leader. Souvenirs to the thematic bachelorette party should be related to the theme of the evening. As a present suit photo frames, stockings, panties, magnets, and other such pleasant things.

Based on these recommendations, you will not only diversify bachelorette party surprise for the bride and the festival participants, but also to organize a good entertainment program.

Traditional gifts for the bride at the bachelorette party

Experience in organizing hen parties with a surpriseIt shows that most of her friends prefer to choose as a gift to the traditional show. After all, they are time-tested, which means that the probability to be trapped is reduced to a minimum. Consider the options of traditional surprises for the bride:

  • A perfect solution would be the right gift to the bride,which is useful in the upcoming wedding. For example, you can give her a bachelorette party figure on a birthday cake or a garter, which will be used during the wedding celebration. Such surprise would be a nice gift for future spouses.

  • cosmetics kit remains relevant gift. Make sure that the makeup of the quality and natural, otherwise you could be accused of lack of taste.

Set a good makeup
  • Fashion Accessories will be a wonderful memorablegift for the bride. After donning bright beads, painted belt, gloves or feminine girl will remember you. Pick a sophisticated accessory that will emphasize the beauty.

The above surprises are taken to "cheers". But if you like to experiment and surprise, and are not afraid to use your imagination when choosing a gift you should look in the next section!

Unusual we launched at bachelorette party

For a surprise for the bride we launched include the following:

  • Sentimental lady will likephoto album, which will be collected by your joint photo. It is desirable that you have completed the album, handwritten wishes, a few funny stories of her bachelor life.

  • Intimate, but is considered a welcome surpriselingerie set. Spicy and elegant underwear for sure will come in handy for a girl to deceive her new husband. You can also feel free to present practical outfit for the wedding night. It should not be too outspoken, but welcomed the presence of a certain zest.

  • Extremely fashionable trend is now consideredvideo recording, where all the bridesmaids have to tell one of the stories her bachelor life. Viewing this video is a great element of entertainment bachelorette party.

Surprise, experiment, turn your imagination - the bride will be crazy about your surprise!

Ideas for intangible gifts

Who said that as a surprise approachOnly what you can hold in your hand? As practice shows, the bride will receive a lot more fun experiences that will bring an intangible gift!

  • Monty on a hen party - popular entertainment in many advanced European countries. Entry into family life considered worthy of the occasion to admire the beautiful male body.

The Full Monty
  • Certificate on course relaxing massage, be sure to come in handy the newly-made bride, this procedure will help her to get rid of stress and negative emotions.

  • beautiful lover will be delighted to receive a pair of tickets to an art gallery or theater. Just do not forget to consider her preferences, or surprise may remain unappreciated appreciated.

Intangible giving gifts to the bride received a maximum of positive impressions.

How to make a surprise to the bachelorette party?

Successful reception of your gift by 50% dependentfrom registration of a present. Material surprises better to pack in a suitable size box, then using the materials at hand and fantasy to create a stylish wrap a present. Buy pearl paper, colored ribbons, decorative cords. Packed gift supplement jewelry: rhinestones, sequins, beads. Buy these materials can in the stationery store, besides, they are cheap.

Gifts for a bachelorette party bride

Wishes bride

The process of delivery must be accompanied by surprisecongratulations and wishes. This is to defuse the situation, and adjusts the culprit celebrations in a positive way. Since the period of preparation for the wedding the bride needs support, she will express his admiration and enthusiasm for the responsible decision to marry. Dilute the ceremony several compliments gift girl. After receiving a surprise bride need to wish you good marriage, love and understanding.

Selecting a surprise for the bride at the bachelorette party - businesstroublesome. But if you react to all of the responsibility, not only to the choice of gift, but also for its design, as well as the process of donation, then positive emotions will be provided!

Do you have any experience of such a donation hen surprises? Share your experiences in the comments!