How to spend a bachelorette party at the old customs

Everyone knows that collect hen - old wedding tradition.

How to conduct a bachelorette party in those days?

An indispensable condition of the bachelorette party was,cry. It was believed that if a girl does not cry before the wedding, you will cry for life. Therefore, the bride and bridesmaids gathered relatives wailed and special text, very plaintive. Such lamentations were formed many centuries and passed from mouth to mouth. Their content was aimed at a farewell to youth, virginity and freedom.

Imagine how it happened then. Only the girl was betrothed, invited mourners, even called her vytnitsa - that it and decide how to spend your bachelorette party. This mission was assigned to some old maid or woman has a special talent to perform compassionate songs. Also certain actor data, the woman - vytnitsa must have had a pleasant voice and demeanor. The bridesmaids also took part in the singing, and because vytnitsa skills possessed choir management.

The main objective of the mourners, as it alreadyit is clear, it is to force the bride to cry bitterly, "howl". It is clear that such talents are not each and because a good vytnitsa was rare. In people, a woman enjoyed special respect and honor.

As performed hen parties, which often lasted for several days?

All this time vytnitsa was inseparable with the bride. Women and girls involved in the bachelorette party came to the house of the bride, or the bride took the invitation to someone from relatives and went to visit her with vytnitsey. Taking in his house guests, groom regaled them with wine, dispensed belts and "entertained" loud heart-rending songs and lamentations. But when some aunt invited to her niece - the bride, as if to bid farewell to girlhood, and perhaps for the fact that to the family rested on the mournful howling, the bride set off to visit with vytnitsey and girls, as carried out bachelorette party in this day aunt.

Coming out of the parental home, the bride sangsong, asking permission from his father and his mother to leave the house and go for a visit. Parents it was hard not to agree. If it was summer, the whole gang set off on foot, on the way that would sing songs compassionate somewhere in the fields. In winter, especially not popoesh - sleigh rides, and even in the cold. With a girl took the warm cushion of felt for the bride that everyone could distinguish her in the company of other girls. If on the way "mobile bachelorette party" met a traveler, the bride was seated on a cushion and began to sing one of his songs suffering, which told about the plight and future challenges of women's share. When they reached her aunt's house, the girls choir sang under the direction of vytnitsy something like this:

Own mother did not want you
I was sad maiden on the bridge freeze.
Pinch my legs hurt frisky frost
Yes to the bridge, but to Kalinov of freezing.
Of freezing some of my white ruchenki
By the bracket, so to iron

Current options for how to spend a bachelorette partydiffer considerably. Everything is quite the opposite. Girls come up with an entertainment program, that would be fun and to spend time mentally. Bachelorette party and now you can make a few. At work with colleagues - women at home with relatives and neighbors and friends. To avoid possible problems should not be invited to the bachelorette party is not a formal female relatives of her future husband. It is unknown to what interpretation they then talk about what was happening to the groom. The timing of a bachelorette party usually coincides with the timing of stag - for two to three weeks before the wedding. But it does not matter, because as hold a bachelorette party and when - you decide. Organization of the event decided to engage in witness. Age group bachelorette party does not matter, as long as you are a guest female part well get along with each other.

For the bachelorette party you will need a separate wedding dress. It can be as an evening dress and clothes in sporty style. It all depends on how to conduct a bachelorette party.

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