How to arrange a bachelorette party before the wedding?

Previously, no question: "How to organize a bachelorette party?" And it was customary to cry that day, now on the contrary - to have fun. But, at that time, that now, at the entrance to the men bachelorette party is strictly prohibited.

"Why did not cry at the bachelorette party" - asksome - "suddenly will find happiness." No, no, no, do not hope, happiness is now in your hands, because it is you choose a husband, and therefore, there is no one to complain to you, and the voice is not worth it. Particularly superstitious, you can cry "to order", tears well relieve tension of the nervous system due to the hustle and bustle of the last days. Let it be tears of joy overwhelms you from happiness. You do not marry a prince, share experiences with friends and methods of breaking men's hearts. Remember how you learned from your loved ones. So in the close circle of girlfriends in conversation and treats you can spend an evening and wrestle with how to arrange a bachelorette party before the wedding.

If you want to "break" in the lasttime, "that would not have been excruciatingly painful" for the missed opportunities, then visit a disco night club, plenty naplyashites or make a sauna, buy beer, book masseurs. After all, now, you can still afford it. Using a very common example of a stag, you can throw a little party at home or at the cottage. Remember how in the movie: friends bought a huge cake for the groom, and at some point there comes out a beauty, begins to perform an erotic dance. So you can order a cake, only with a male stripper. That is how to arrange a bachelorette party depends entirely on you. Think, maybe there will not come true desire, which you have long dreamed of, tell us about their girlfriend - the witness and she might find a way to please you. After all, the party can organize almost any topic with a rich imagination.

It is not necessary to invite to a hen party in your circlegirlfriends relatives from the groom. Stories about your "pranks" certainly reach the ears of all the members of their family. You can spend more than a bachelorette party, but several. For colleagues or sogruppnits to relatives and neighbors. At the bachelorette party the bride decided to give some small gifts. The bride, in turn, also gives something memorable to its guests.

What to wear? attire depends entirely on how to arrange a bachelorette party. If you choose to spend time in nature, then you are unlikely to demonstrate a new evening dress. If you decide on a trip to the sauna, and the clothes should fit and chic suit and high heels, leave for a bachelorette party somewhere in the cafe, restaurant. Maybe you decide to arrange a bachelorette party in a relaxed atmosphere, to dedicate his relaxation and leisure, then off makeup. The naturalness and comfort. In the women's society you can and relax.

Do not forget that before the wedding is notit is desirable to arrange a bachelorette party or both, especially if you want to spend time rapidly. Girlfriend, too, as you will need to rest. He's still fuss around you all the solemn day, so it is not necessary for them to shoulder the care of a variety of wedding organization, decoration of the hall, food preparation, etc. This will take care of adults.

Do not try to find the groom, he had a bachelor party in detail, and even more to come during the meeting. So before the scandal is not far away, you never know what you may not like it!

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