Script bachelorette party in sauna

For every bride bachelorette party - an important,heartwarming holiday of farewell to single life on the eve of the wedding. And one of the wonderful pastime of ideas on this day will be the scenario celebrating a bachelorette party in the sauna.

Now some saunas include the same set ofSpa treatments, professional masseurs, beauticians. It will brighten up your leisure, will give an opportunity to relax mind, body with a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere of the music where no one will disturb you. Procedures will bring but pleasure, positive mood and well being. Then, after the sauna, you can take a dip in the pool. Do not forget about the broom.

How do I invite?

An important part of the organization is to choose the scriptinvited. Traditionally selected closest friends and relatives. Invited guests can be married or bachelorette. Invitations are often pronounced orally, for example, by telephone or in person. But it is better if it is card, because it will be the guests of a long memory.

A card can be purchased or ordered, but nicemake her own hands. Write an invitation, date, time, location, dress code, the name of the girlfriend. To card more suited to the theme of the party, cut it out of colored cardboard or special paper, in the form of a swimsuit or shorts (see photo below) - be fantasy. Decorate the card with ribbons and lace. Give it to a friend of each person, send by mail or fasten to the machine. If the idea of ​​inviting a success, and you sent them to her friends, then you can proceed to the second point scenario.

Invitation card "panties"

Meeting with guests

The following paragraphs, and the beginning of the bachelorette party scenarioIt will be a meeting of all the invited guests to the sauna. After all the guests can be both familiar and know each other. Culprit celebrations personally greets each guest, it is present.

The list of what she has to say about my girlfriend at the meeting:

  • Full name of a friend who came, or nickname, that she herself loves.
  • Under what circumstances occurred your acquaintance.
  • Minor features of the girlfriend.

Even if all the bridesmaids are familiar with one another, theyIt will be pleasant so little official note at the meeting, paying attention to each. This will make it clear how well she knows friends, express their significance for her.

Gift Presentation

After all the girlfriends gathered beginsthe second part of a bachelorette party script for sauna - giving gifts. These gifts are small pleasant things that will be needed before the marriage: the elements of makeup, nice clothes, a pre-paid a visit to the beautician, hairdresser, makeup artist. Also a great gift and will be an envelope with the money for the honeymoon. If the girlfriend, for whatever reasons, will not attend the wedding, then a wedding gift she could give to the bachelorette party.

Presentation of gifts for bachelorette party

Another tradition devichnika isthe bride otdarivaetsya girlfriends for gifts received. She gives that will remind her friends about her bachelor life. For example, bright decorations that dressed to the disco, clothing items or souvenirs.

Also bring your camera for a sauna,chamber. It captured photos and video will be a good memory of the bachelorette party. For long-term storage of the photo issue them like a small book. Guests who have received such a gift after the wedding, will be delighted.

Long traditions

Apart from the usual meeting procedures, awardinggifts for the bachelorette party, party script in the sauna includes some traditional rites. In ancient times, it was believed that the girlfriend must hit with a broom young bride couple of times, clearing it of all evil, of what happened to her maiden name. After the last stroke of a broom, it was believed that the woman stepped onto the path already a married woman.

After graduating from the bath procedures in the sauna, all girlfriendssit around the bride, braided plait her maiden last time together singing a long, sad songs. After all, if the periods before and after marriage the girl differed. This rite is possible in our days, for example, it is possible to weave braid bride with candles.

Tea Party

When all the invited guests are present, and allgifts are given, according to the scenario it is time for gatherings with tea. For this there are special sauna room. Pleasant herbal teas, alcoholic beverages, alcoholic drinks, refreshments, snacks, sweets enrich your gatherings. All exchange news, discuss the upcoming wedding, redemption, bachelor life future wife, just talk. It will be funny if every girl will tell a funny story girlhood bride.

If not all the bridesmaids were used togetherfamiliar, the tea party will allow razznakomitsya, get to know each other better and just enjoy lots of fun. Do not forget to take photos and shoot video at the events.

Pleasant gatherings with refreshments in the sauna


The next step in the script after teabachelorette party may be guessing about the future. These divination should not be taken seriously, they are intended more for entertainment. They will give everyone the opportunity to feel like a fortune teller, these fortune-tellers. Usually, the bride wonders for a family and children, and unmarried girls - on the future betrothed. You will need to pre-prepare props: a candle, a pack of cards, and other necessary for divination attributes.

Guessing on the ring

You will need a faceted glass with water,put on the table, a thread, with the engagement ring. Threads threaded through the ring and tie, creating a pendulum. With his left hand taking a thread, and the right hand retainer ring over the glass. Further consideration should be given, for example, when the children arrive. If a girl 21 years old, the countdown starts with 22. On a figure the ring to move, in the year and there will be children. If the ring is moved forward rim - your child will be a boy, and when the cross - a girl.

Guessing on the phone book

All you need is a phone book. A woman picks up a book, and the second refers to any page of the book line. If held for divination future wife, he left out the name of her child is, and for the girlfriend - the name of her future husband.

For interest, write down all your results of divination, and give these records one girl for storage. Gathered in a year or two after the wedding, you can read all the names and compare that to come true.

Divination using candles


Script your bachelorette party in the sauna includes notonly pleasant gatherings, visit the sauna, spa treatments, gift exchange, divination. It is also an occasion to have fun. Spend a few interesting contests of the wedding theme, the end of which the winning bidder will receive a small prize.

Funny contests will be an excellent complement to the scenario of the party, they can be fun to make funny photos, diversify hasteless gatherings.

The list of possible competitions:

  • Questions and tips on the rules of the bride swaddling the baby, how to prepare a particular dish.
  • "Guess who". The bride is blindfolded and she feels guess who among the invited guests standing in front of her.
  • Competitions in swimming pool in the sauna.
  • Who will eat a piece of cake.
  • Come up with toast, a ditty about the bachelorette party.
  • Dance the song with a broom.

Competition for the pool should be taken with caution, because there is a chance to fall, get hurt or bruise. And it is desirable before the wedding.


Besides competitions, held on the script and the game. Games will provide an opportunity not only to observe the process, but also to participate in the entertainment. They should prepare in advance a little.

  • The game is to the touch. This game is staged readiness girls to housework. According to the scenario of the game, the girl blindfolded must distinguish the touch fruits and vegetables, lying in front of her. For example, orange, tangerine, tomato, and so on (circular shape).
  • The game on the knowledge of the biography. Each of her friends wrote on a piece of something funny in the life of the bride. Leaflets stirred. The culprit celebration takes one and reads aloud. According to the scenario of the game, the task of the bride - to identify the author of lines read.


The last point of the script for the bachelorette party in saunawill farewell wishes. It is believed that the bride before the wedding represents a mascot. Therefore, it says each guest a few good words, wishes in his personal life.

After that, the script bachelorette party officiallyconsidered complete. Spending time in the sauna will appeal to all those invited to the girls. In parting hug each friend. If the bachelorette party is held on the eve of the wedding, the witness is to spend the night with the bride.

The script for the bachelorette party in the sauna has manyadvantages, and this option will be inexpensive. If you have many guests, for ease of entertainment make toastmaster. Sometimes the guests bought for the bride male striptease that she last enjoyed bachelorhood. A sample script of the party in the sauna, watch this video:

If you have already attended these celebrations, andhave experience in the preparation of a bachelorette party script on bannuyu topics, leave your comments below. Perhaps you have something to add to the scenario bachelorette party in a private sauna.