Ideas for a bachelorette party in a club

Best friend culprits celebrations, organizingbachelorette party, should take care of the perfect conduct of the event. If the bride does not like the idea of ​​boring sitting at the fireplace, arrange a trek to the party with energetic dancing, music pouring from everywhere, bright lights spotlights. But there simply is not enough to lead the culprit celebrations in the club, you need to prepare a script that will make a memorable bachelorette party. Ideas for a bachelorette party in a club

How to choose a club?

Place a bachelorette party depends on the tastesbride - it could be a club with karaoke, where you have done all your favorite songs, bowling party - there you can not only dance, but also to play, bachelorette party at a strip club or the enchanting light show for electronics. Focus on the musical preferences of the protagonist bachelorette party, most clubs have a certain style, so you are sure to find a suitable place.

Order VIP rooms - expensive, but this idea will help her friends at any time to retire, discuss and implement an entertaining script program.

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First, you must determine the number ofbachelorette party guests. Phone numbers need to ask the bride: the girls better invite by phone, specifying their weekend - because not everyone will escape from work on a weekday and have fun until the morning. But if you have an idea and a bachelorette party theme - except for a phone call send this relevant invitation cards.

It should also clarify who will financeparty bachelorette party, because alcoholic cocktails from the menu for non-drinking lemonade, hookah, a separate room, the food on the territory of the club - all this costs money. Some girlfriends can agree to help pay the bill, and the club, if the agreement will provide a discount in honor of this event.

invitation card ideas at a bachelorette party

Dress code

Dress code bachelorette party - comfortable and stylishdancewear. Shiny fabrics, sequins, playfully open back, bright accessories, shorts, skirts - wear something that will draw attention to you, as a hen party is celebrated once. The costume of the main character of the holiday can add colored veil, that it is clear who has a wedding soon. However, do not overdo with candor - let your clothes will not resemble the two tissue flaps covering the bottom and top.

A meeting

I meet with my friends as possible before going to the clubor directly on the site. Good idea - to get together with the invited girls in a separate room of the club, and appoint a culprit celebration later. Then, if all the girls will be punctual, you gave her a nice fun surprise.

Private room club

Contests and games

The ideas of all kinds of entertainment will help you makehen unusual and interesting. Come up with contests, prepare props and prizes, and the hero of the occasion will certainly appreciate your efforts. Here are a few ideas.


Cheerful Competition on the theme of the wedding "Pantomime"entertain guests bachelorette party. Girls are divided into two teams, leading hands them a bag - of which each girl will get a picture of thing you need to show your team without the help of words. these words are commonly used: "ring", "guests Fight", "wedding cake", "the bride's gloves."

Question answer

Game for a bachelorette party "Questions and Answers" - brought togetherbest friends even more. Girls sit close to each other, and in a circle pass a burning match. To whom it goes off - he should honestly answer any question.

Ability to kiss

Kissing with your eyes closed

Organizer on a large sheet of poster prints men. Girls to be blindfolded to kiss him. Who will be closer to his lips - he wins.

To the touch

A good hostess should understand the culinaryart. To test the ability of future spouses, use the idea of ​​the competition for a bachelorette party "to the touch." Before the bride lay fruits, vegetables, sweets, chocolate, eggs. She will need to determine what is in front of her, trusting feelings.

Attributes "to the touch" games

magic balls

balloons filled with helium and produce a black markerhero of the occasion - it needs to write to them that, from what she wants to get rid of, and that she wants to leave for the future life. After that, it is necessary to release the first strings of beads. This idea will help relieve pre-wedding stress.


Funny competition for a bachelorette party in the club: bridesmaids bride must remove from their feet garter (part of the bride dress for a wedding) without using their hands. Who of the girls quickly get rid of it - that and win.


I wish the bride you anything, as long as it came from the heart. Please rate the idea of ​​the original video wishes for culprits celebration:


Presentation of gifts - a mandatory step bachelorette party. Ideas for the realization of the set here: it may be a memorial old doll photoshoot certificate from a professional photographer, even bingo, if a girl likes board games.

Soon the bride will receive a new social status -"Wife," and he would not allow her to participate in such crazy festivities until the morning. Therefore, cheerful, bright club bachelorette party help her to part with the last wild life.

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