How to spend a bachelorette party fun

The modern hen is a realhappy holiday, where the bride is allowed in full "rip" with his closest friends. The last days of an independent life coming to an end, so the organizer of the party (usually a witness, it - best friend) will have to try to make this day was a memorable one. Explore this review and learn how to hold a bachelorette party interesting and fun.

Where and when to gather?

To bachelorette party was organized and fun,time of the meeting should be calculated based on the chosen scenario. If the bride wants by all means to celebrate it on the day before the celebration - make sure that there was a minimum of alcohol, the most relaxing moments, which not only leave a good impression, but also to help her look amazing. For this fit the spa.
But the really fun bachelorette party rarelyends early. To avoid trouble on the wedding day (hangover, lethargy, somnolence), a fun event to celebrate the best of the week before the celebration. Then in front of you will open many options for a bachelorette party - disco dancing in a club, pleasant gatherings in cafes, singing songs and menus testing with alcohol in a karaoke bar.

Jolly Club bachelorette party

If the future wife loves not only fun, but alsoelegant time - book a table a beautiful restaurant with an unusual kitchen. A bottle of expensive champagne, good jazz music, talk about the upcoming celebration like a bride. Five-hour car-trip in the limousine at the same time allow for a bachelorette party on a grand scale and fun.

We organize a bachelorette party in a limousine

Spend a bachelorette party can be on the street ifthe weather is good. Walk around the city, make funny pictures, visit the bride's favorite places. To add zest to a friendly stroll, think of unusual competitions, intricate games to "desire" - let the bride before the wedding to be fun as ever. See also - where to spend a bachelorette party in Moscow?

How to conduct an active and fun bachelorette party Street

How and whom to invite

The guest list is necessarily necessarycoordinate with the culprit celebration. Going to a nightclub, where you are going to spend a bachelorette party, to try a lot of cocktails and slightly drunk, saying goodbye to the bride's independence, make sure that there were no extra eyes and ears. Friends should be only the most faithful, who will be taken, if necessary, the culprit celebrations back home, so that she did not had a ball.

Where to spend a bachelorette party nightclub

To no one was offended, the bride canfun several hen parties. Mini holiday at work with treats and a small feast, gathering with good neighbors, and finally the main event - a meeting of the best girlfriends.
Before you spend a bachelorette party, ring up allapproved persons - learn their exact plans, because not everyone has the opportunity to escape from work. Consider the age of the girls invited to celebrate - minors are unlikely to miss the face-control of the club (if you chose this location), and the middle-aged ladies out there will feel uncomfortable.

How to look

It will be ideal if all the girls will be dressed in thebachelorette party according to a certain style - depending on where you are going to host the event. For example, the elegant retro perfect for secular dinner in a posh restaurant - elegant dress, hairstyle, make-up will create a complete image Pleasure option -. Simple jeans, T-shirts and, top, colored veil that adorns the bride's hair (suitable loose curls, the Greek haircut ).

Where to spend a bachelorette party: Walk

If you can spend a fun bachelorette party, sticking to a single concept - it will be beautiful.

party scenario

To bachelorette party was perfect and fun,take care of the preparation of a detailed plan of the meeting, it will help to orient in time. Remember that the bride needs to relax, so that only your concern - how to spend a fun bachelorette party organized. The scenario concept - everything must be left to chance. Try once again to not burden the culprit issues, it is full of other pre-wedding worries.

Steam treatments

What could be better than a relaxing bathprocedures, presenting the beauty of the skin, breaks - the soul, health - body? Only the combination of them with a spa. Some salons offer for the recovery of the sauna room (why not spend a bachelorette party?), Where girls can steam to nutrient salt, mud masks. After such rapid improvement go to the masseur - it removes muscle tension, removes physical blocks.

How to spend a bachelorette party at Spa

Escape from the usual situation

A great opportunity to escape from the usualthe situation is holding a bachelorette party in the style of ancient Russia. Antique costumes, delicious picnic, weave wreaths, releasing them into the water, jumping over the bonfire night, the traditional fortune-telling, the study will take pre-wedding, dance dance around the fire. This bachelorette party accurately remembered future wife and memories will be pleasant.

Fun bachelorette party: Old Russian style

Glamour photoshoot

Every girl having a festive look, willhappy to be in front of the lens of the camera, especially if he is a professional. An experienced photographer can capture the beautiful bride with her best friends, using successful productions, emphasizing dignity. But do not think that the glamorous photo shoot in itself may be the only entertainment. Invite a professional to carry out any bachelorette party - a good photo will be pleased to insert in the album.

Fun bachelorette party: photoshoot

Extreme Entertainment

The main character does not see my life without risk? Prefer extreme kinds of stag parties. Flying with a parachute can not please all the ladies present, but not as dangerous high bungee jumping will also bring a lot of thrills.
To invited girlfriends have not experienced discomfort from excess extremality bachelorette party, visit the amusement park. It offers no less fascinating, funny and extreme carousel.

Fun bachelorette party: Attractions

In the style of "childhood holiday"

Those who are especially reluctant farewell toindependence, will begin a new stage of fun festive scenario of life bachelorette party "Childhood". Remember the bright clothes, perky, playful pigtails, woven ribbons, balloons, candy favorite time without the hassle and responsibility? All this should be reflected in the day when you are ready to conduct "Childhood Holiday". Awaken the child who still lives in, have fun, dance, jump - let during the bachelorette party for such you will not have limitations.

How to spend a bachelorette party in a children's style

At home

Who said that the house can not be fun? The price of the bachelorette party will be less comfortable - more and homely atmosphere certainly has brought together friends. You can watch an interesting film, discuss the news, a competition "moments of glory" with small gifts, to cook a delicious cake for your favorite recipe, prepare toast with unusual wishes - to include fantasy. Holiday may correspond to a single concept - pajama party, "Venetian Carnival", oriental style.

Before you take the bride wedding ringfrom a loved one, she wants the last time to have fun without thinking about an early return home, the evening dinner, unwashed things. Therefore, the organizer of the bachelorette party to be a difficult task - to make sure that he was unforgettably fun, interesting and original.
Do you have other ideas of how to spend a bachelorette party, or experience of the organization? Share your tips in the comments.