How to spend a bachelorette party

In ancient times, there were many moments,without which it could not do any bachelorette party. Today this tradition remains one name (you can also read about the importance of wedding rituals and customs).

Organization bachelorette party requires in our timecertain meticulous preparation, because the bride can arrange a bachelorette party at a nightclub, bar or sauna - it all depends on the flight of her imagination, and may well do without it, but most likely, it will not be interesting. As before, the main and perhaps the only rule is the absence of a male bachelorette party. Although, it is possible to consider that the rules for and are there to be broken, especially that bachelorette party includes the last chance to feel their freedom and independence. You yourself have to choose the script will bachelorette party Full Monty, for example, or you will manage the usual gatherings in the kitchen with a few girlfriends and maybe even her mother.

So, if you made a choice, you can startorganizational issues. For starters, no one obliges venturing bachelorette party right before the wedding, because you will have a good sleep to look boldly and confidently, and not have a hangover sick look. It is better to arrange a bachelorette party for a few days before the wedding. The next tip - do not invite girls or women from the groom's side, even if you are very friendly terms with them. You do not want that for your family table, they talked about what you secretly talking with her friends.

So how is it that right to organize hishen-party? In this situation, it all depends on your desires and your capabilities. If finances you have enough, and the desire not to keep you waiting. We say that if you do not want to offend anyone, it should arrange in a row several small hen parties: with colleagues at work, with my friends, with my mother and aunts, friends and cousins, with good neighbors.

The classic version - invite only thosewhom you will see nice. Cultural program - alcohol, singing, dancing, gossip. Space for this event will choose based on their preferences and financial capabilities. The role of bridesmaids - to entertain you, as it should, in this last "free" day. By the way, no matter what moral limits are not reached such entertainment, in any case do not try to get to her future husband at a bachelor party. Let him entertain, as he wants, at the end of laws, you do no impose restrictions on their rights.

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