Hen party in Hawaiian style

If you are bored with the typical style ofbachelorette party, and you dream of something special, please refer to the non-standard scenarios, which will create the original atmosphere of the holiday. Hawaiian party, bachelorette party - a great way to have fun as it should. Funny Southern dances, delicious cocktails, exotic fruits, appropriate costumes help create a festive atmosphere of the Hawaiian Islands.


The best place to spend a Hawaiian partyIt is considered to be the seashore. The noise of the waves, soft sand underfoot, red sunset, loud Hawaiian music, creating the right mood. The public beach is unlikely to be a good place for a party, it is best to rent a private area - there you will not find the intruders.

Photo: bachelorette party in Hawaiian style party

If you do not live near the coast, arrangeHawaiian party on the river or lake. In an extreme case, even a bachelorette party will organize a covered area - most importantly, the right approach to design and monitor the availability of the pool. As for jewelry, then there are clear instructions, because the party is supposed to match the style of Hawaiian:

  • Palma. These plastic built of balloons - they should become a mandatory part of the decor.
  • Huge banana leaves. They decorate the table, the walls, make Hawaiian skirt.
  • Fruit. Decorate them a table, drinks and the entire territory. Well, if they are edible, but the fit and dummies.
  • Flowers. Bright flower garlands, wreaths woven, hair clips, composition, decorating the reception, ideally suited to this Hawaiian party.
  • Thematic things that create more atmosphere, will also become a great part - surfboards, colorful umbrellas, coconut cocktail glasses, candles, even parrots.

Accessories matching Hawaiian style bachelorette party

Dress code

Look harmoniously on this themeget-together will be able to those who wear the right clothes. An organic shoes - flip-flops, sandals. If a party takes place on the beach, the perfect dress code - bare feet. As for the clothes, there are some interesting styles that are easy to implement:

  • Surfer. Stylish swimsuit or trunks, surfboards, comfortable shorts.
  • Hawaii resident. Colorful shirt, loose pants or a skirt.
  • Hula dancer. Special skirt swimsuit.

Leia - typical Hawaiian accessories neededat this party. It is a large flower "necklace". Even if guests are not able to comply with the dress code, worn over normal clothing leis make their views organic. Going for a vacation in the Hawaiian style, do not forget the hat, which will protect you from the bright sun, and suntan lotion (as pictured).

Hawaiian Decoration - leu

Contests for bachelorette party

Funny contests provide Hawaiian-stylepresent sunny mood. Prepare a few games for the script, plan parties and forward - to please the bride a wonderful holiday. Make sure that all the winners received prizes. Participants also give out comforting small gifts that no one left hurt.

Evil monkey

This contest holds one of the bridesmaids. The girl sits down or gets in front of the team, crossing his arms, and portrays the evil monkey eyes. The problem of participants - laugh this "evil monkey". Let them show imagination, bringing the matter to an end, and the girl-master will have much to try not to laugh, not only on their behavior, but also on their way.


This game is perfect for a bachelorette party beachHawaiian-style. Girls are divided into two teams. Presenter counts the time and includes a quick music. The essence of the competition: take off the parts of the clothes that are not ashamed to shoot and the whole team of them tie a rope - whose rope at the end of the music will be longer, the team wins. However, pretty lady warmed alcohol sometimes go beyond the limits that gives spicy flavor Hawaiian party.

Go into the cave

Two leading tape held at a level slightly belowhuman growth. Participating teams is given a certain time. During this time, all will be in the bent legs, keeping your head and back straight, pass under this tape. The winner of the contest will be the Hawaiian team, members of which fewer times will hook tape head.

Another hilarious interpretation of the competition, "Go into the cave" for those who play sports. Watch the video with the competition "rope" in the Hawaiian party:

Dancing in the Hawaiian music

Limbaugh - cheerful, energizing dancewill delight the audience. This competition game, which takes place at the bachelorette party in Hawaiian style, goes like this: on props put the stick below the lowest growth of the participants. Holding the half-bent legs, leaning back, the audience will have to pass under it. All this is accompanied by Hawaiian music, fun party.

Competition in the style of Hawaiian stag parties - limbo

How to dance the dance Hawaiian Hula anana, see in this video:

Temperamental rhythms Hawaii

Bachelorette party in Hawaiian - is always energeticdances and unbridled joy. "Temperamental rhythms of the Hawaiian Islands" - the fiery competition, allowing guests to show their character. It consists of several parts:

  1. He starts playing music. Participants dance freely. This stage is rarely accompanied by the elimination of participants, but the "sluggish" dances do not pass on.
  2. The dance moves are made when participants sit on chairs.
  3. Participants only hands.
  4. Only legs.
  5. Head to the torso.
  6. Dancing mime.

Those who showed the most powerful temperament wins.

Auction in Hawaiian

For alcoholic beverages from the bar the party guestsThey pay no money, and own things - clothes, watches, jewelry, shoes. When the end comes the bachelorette party celebration leading Hawaiian arranges the auction, using the things guests. It often happens that the present buy things with each other, and not your own.

Gifts or prizes

At the bachelorette party, held in the Hawaiian styleparties must be prizes, which are given to the winners. It can be: flowers, lei around his neck, a bottle of rum. Mini gifts for the guests will also be reminded about the successful celebration of stag parties - even the cheap, they will be a good complement of the holiday.

Decoration - lei around his neck

Bachelorette party, held in a limousine, restaurant,Club - an interesting option, but there is nothing that will be remembered guests as the theme party. Do not forget to make a festive photo session by inviting a professional photographer. You can give the bride an album with the wishes and soon decorate his new photos.

Did you like the idea of ​​a hen party in the style of a Hawaiian party and venue? Leave comments, tell us about your bachelorette party.