Hen in a marine style

I love the sea, dreaming of a yacht round the worldjourney? Then take the first step towards a dream - make the upcoming wedding and her bachelorette party in a nautical style. This extraordinary event will long be remembered to you and your girlfriends. The noise of the surf, the warm sand, gentle winds and dreams about the upcoming family happiness - romance! Do not think about the groom, who is now a good time with the guys on a bachelor party, is sure about his treasure, just relax and unwind.

Choosing bachelorette party venue

The idea to choose for a bachelorette party in an unusual seastyle for a special place - for example, a beautiful yacht - justified by its originality. If you can rent a boat and organize everything including the costumes - it would be a good option. Having thought a party program, advance to prepare drinks and treats to girls at the appointed time will only have fun!

The boat - a great place for a party

In the summer for a bachelorette party in a marine style suit summer residenceon the beach under dense trees or a secluded place near the pool, where it is possible to sunbathe, swim, boat, swim your heart's content. Well, and in the winter a good place for a bachelorette party in the romantic style of the sea will be a restaurant with a view of the sea, the hotel pool or themed ballroom.

Photos Restaurant for a bachelorette party

Making room on a hen party in a nautical style (PHOTO)

The room for a bachelorette party theme in the fairymarine style to decorate so that the guests had no doubt: they hit the ship. Where relevant maritime paraphernalia - anchors, flags, nets, twine, lifebuoys, ladders, ropes, steering wheels, even if all this is a sham. See photo:

Photo: Examples of marine decorations

For a bachelorette party in a maritime style hang lightblue cloth so that they looked like waves, they attach paper or toy fish painted in bright colors, sheets of white paper - sails, ivory gulls. This will give your romance party.

Thematic decoration of the hall

Tablecloths aqua and sky-blue withwhite balloons will impress guests, give bachelorette party in a well thought-out color unique nautical style. A complement the image of blue napkins collected bright beams aromasvechi with sea smell.

The blue and white room moryachek

Table and refreshments in a marine style

Making a table, focusing on blue, blue,golden tones. All this is equally true of utensils and napkins. The appropriateness of the table will be decorated sea pebbles, seashells, starfish. Look at the photos - here you can see a few examples of the table decoration for a bachelorette party in the original maritime style.


Treats on a hen party in a marine stylechoose simple but interesting - it canapés, sandwiches, salads, salted crackers. Spectacular table - a dish, decorated thematically. To learn how to do it with taste, see photos.

Treats for a bachelorette party in a marine style

The menu should be full of dishes from fish andseafood. Do not forget to provide guests a variety of drinks, which combine well with the chosen menu - juices, cocktails - alcoholic and soft drinks, mineral water.

Fish menu

Dress code for marine bachelorette party

For a bachelorette party in the selected marine style youyou need to find matching outfits, do not allow anyone to begin to doubt that you - the real sailors! Dress code for the bridesmaids - a blue, red, yellow, white color clothing. Welcomed the captain's cap, shorts, vest, stylish, striped clothing, as well as mermaid and pirate attributes. Look at the photo, it will look like:

Photo: Dress code for a bachelorette party

Dresses of all guests at the bachelorette party in a purely maritimestyle does not necessarily have to be the same, because in this case, the party will be uninteresting. The main thing - to withstand the general style and color scheme. But if, for example, all the guests will be able to dress funny pirates from that, your party will benefit.

The color palette - all shades of blue

All the details of the bachelorette party at the beautiful seastyle, ranging from design and finishing facilities dresses girls dominated one color scheme - leading colors are blue and white. Suit all shades of blue - turquoise, blue, celadon, as appropriate, and mint. Dress the girl-bride may be a different color, but the guests are obliged to adhere to the dress code, then in a nautical theme bachelorette party will be held on the "cheers"!

Selecting and leading competitions for stag parties in maritime style

Leading bachelorette party in an unusual marine styleis chosen in advance. a few friends can be found if desired - very outgoing, funny and artistic. Here is one of them and you get to choose the lead. It should start preparing a plan or script events, set the tone for the party, to infect all the cheerful mood, do girls active participants in competitions.

Competition greetings

Girls are divided into two teams, coming up to themname, will present a short comic greeting rivals. Here welcome musical and dance numbers. Jokes, infectious laughter, charades and puzzles - this is a permanent part of greeting. The best greeting is determined by the leader.

«SOS. All hands on deck!"

Leading bachelorette party in a marine style screams loudly that carousing violent storm, a shipwreck happened, our ship is sinking because of the holes, an urgent need to pump out water from the holds. The essence of competition is simple:

  • Two tall glasses fill with champagne, put the tube back to the juice.
  • Choose two girls, who through the ducts must either "pumped" champagne from her glass into another container, or drink it.
  • The winner is the girl who has to cope with the task faster.

"In addition to Jack"

The head of the well-known of Jack Sparrowthe movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" is printed on a color printer and cut. Button to attach it to a sheet of paper large, dorisovyvat handle naked body. Leading says that he was ashamed to pace without clothes, you have to immediately wear. From each team involved two girls: a leading blindfolded, and they "wear" with the help of Jack shorts and shirt buttons. The competition is very cheerful, accompanied by a mass of jokes.

"Checked - mine is"

Large bowl filled with water, put the apples back,playing the role of minutes. Task participants - to quickly catch the mines out of the water without using their hands, that is, his teeth. The winner is the one who pulled more apples. To maintain the morale of the audience accompanied by the competition singing and applause.

Guessing on fishes

Do you like fried fish? And your future you want to know? With such questions leading bachelorette party in comic and bright nautical style refers to the participants of the contest. Each girl chooses a fried fish, inside which is a piece of paper with a written comic prediction. It is very "delicious" and entertaining contest. The biggest big fish with the most ridiculous prediction is applied to the bride.

Gifts for Girlfriends

At the end of a bachelorette party in the romantic seasidethe style of the bride can give her friends a little small presents as a token of gratitude for a delightfully hen, and from there take the wishes of kindness, love, happy married life. Sometimes it issued a written message that the bride will be re-read a few years after the wedding.

Gifts for bachelorette party in a nautical theme can benecklaces or bracelets made of seashells or coral souvenirs - compasses, ships, brooches with pieces of sea animals or birds (seahorse, whale, sea gull). Examples of gifts looking at the photo.

Possible gifts girlfriend

Watch the video, where fun fun girls on bachelorette party in the sea, almost pirate style:

The morning, it's time to go home soon ...the most important event to happen - marriage, are the final preparations for the wedding. But memories of the bachelorette party in an unusual marine style you will remember forever and will remain on the film, because you will make sure to capture the event.

Final bachelorette party

Have you been on a hen party in an unusual marine style? Do not forget to share your impressions about the holiday in the comments!