Games for bachelorette party

Every bride dreams of not only chicthe wedding, but also a good bachelorette party. And the difference between ordinary meetings, gatherings and friends bachelorette party is the selection of themed, fun, competition. In this article the interesting, funny, carrying away games for a bachelorette party.

Games for a bachelorette party at home

Already popular, traditional entertainment forbridesmaids and the bride herself before the wedding are a variety of games for a bachelorette party. The challenge friends to spend a bride to the family, a new life for her, a farewell to her maiden name. Not only the hero of the occasion can organize this festival, but they themselves girlfriends did a fine job. If your hen house, the girlfriend can decorate an apartment beautiful and thematically using helium balls, Wedding towels, designer decorative flowers, prepare drinks and set the table, and most importantly, themselves will be able to pick up the game for a bachelorette party.

Props for tenders for a bachelorette party at home

Games for a bachelorette party in a cafe

One of the most common places of celebrationbachelorette party - it is a cafe, restaurant. There's no need to cook, much to decorate, which will facilitate the preparation itself. You will need to select the game for a bachelorette party that does not require a lot of space, a complex preparation. The atmosphere, the music, a variety of alcoholic drinks you add cheerfulness, mood. This is a great way to stand out from the rest of the visitors, the bridesmaids can dress up in identical clothes (for example, see the photo below).

Dress code for a bachelorette party in a cafe

The selection of games to theme parties

Maintaining wedding theme duringof the party will be the key to the success of the celebration. Using your imagination, you can transform, adjust the game to your bachelorette party. For example, guessing words, phrases related to the wedding, the bride and groom (the couple, dress, guests, bride price).

Divination at bachelorette party

Start your hen-party can be a fortune-telling,who love young married, not married women. There are many simple by divination. To create a mysterious atmosphere extinguish the light use for lighting candles.

  1. Guessing on nuts. Bridesmaids are divided into two teams. On the one knitted ribbon is blue, the other - pink. Bride taking nuts off five paces from the bridesmaids. Girls and groom should be back to back. On the count of three, the bride throws nuts back and girlfriends turn and try to catch them. How many are caught with a blue ribbon - So shall the sons of the family, a number of pink - so many daughters. If there are no nuts, chestnuts take.
  2. Guessing on a Kinder Surprise. To do this, divination should stock up on a variety of Kinder. Each of the girls present chooses a Kinder Surprise, reveals, interprets the contents. That is, as something that came to explain the figure. For example, if a girl has got to figure the child - wait for replenishment in the family. It will be a pleasure: sweet game and the prediction for a bachelorette party.
  3. Prophecy. Take a piece of paper and write on them are different, positive prophecy. Inflate the balloons, put on every prophecy. Participants choose themselves at random on the ball, it burst, read aloud his prophecy.

"Fanta" Game

Fanta have come since the past centuries. The game bude wonderful for a bachelorette party. It requires each participant to take one or more of the items, put them in a bag. Select the participant, he is leading, which will remove the item (lipstick, thread or hair ribbon), will make a wish hostess Fanta.

Examples make a wish:

  • come up with a rhyme, folk song, a story about the bride and groom;
  • eat fruit without using their hands;
  • tell your neighbor to the left of it is your first impression;
  • dance belly dance;
  • Sing a song;
  • eat cake.

For more interest voiced desire before pulling out the Fanta. job execution example you can see here in this video:


In this competition you do not need anything exceptfantasy. One of the players come up with a word, the other must show without words that he put forth. To keep the theme of the wedding, use words such as dress, cake, veil. The rest will be to guess. For interest, divided into two teams. The first command tells the player the second word of command, and he has to show his team the hidden and vice versa. In our time, we have already sold kits for this competition. An example of such a kit, see the photo below.

Set for competition Crocodile on a hen party

"Question answer"

This contest is familiar to many from his childhood. It is simple and entertaining. Take a long, wide sheet of paper. In one line write the question, fold the edge so that your question has not been seen. Transfer sheet sitting next player tell him the first word of the question. He should write a response after your question. The contest continues until, until your list is complete. The culmination will be the reading of questions and answers at the end.

"Alarm clock"

You will need leaves, alarm clock, envelopes,a pen. Take note paper, write them a variety of tasks, put in envelopes. They write different time, get him an alarm clock. During a bachelorette party alarm suddenly rings present in turn will take the envelope to the specified time on the alarm clock, and to perform the task. This will bring variety to your gatherings.


This game for a fun bachelorette party requires selectionleading and executing. Leading player is out the door, she asks players to show without words, facial expressions, gestures - the kangaroo. As long as the player is preparing, leading out into the room to the players, he said that they will show a kangaroo. Quest players call anything, but not a kangaroo. Indicating participant will make every attempt to draw a kangaroo, and stay completely perplexed as possible is not easy to guess the animal. This will cause those present laughter, fun, the company will raise the mood.

"Know me better"

All girlfriends share secrets, but about all thereyou know? Such competition will help them learn better. You will need to prepare in advance an anonymous questionnaire with the same questions, such as the name of the first Man, a favorite dish, the name of the pet. When everything is filled out the questionnaire, read aloud to them in turn. It will be interesting to guess who was filling a particular profile. To complicate the task come up with unexpected questions. This informative game for your bachelorette party will provide an opportunity to learn something new about girlfriends. The very moment guessing will bring you a lot of fun.

Bridesmaids in images

"Playing blind"

For this game you need to prepare: opaque package items that are easy to use. Sit in a circle, pass the music package. When the music stops, the participant that has remained with the package, along with those who have passed the last packet - out. They are blindfolded, one of them pulls out a packet of one subject, and uses it on the second standing. For example, if the lipstick, the lipstick. The competition is fun, as participants stand, do not know what kind of thing it has got.

"How long is your carrots?"

For this contest, you will need the longestcarrot. The first participant pinches a carrot as a stick between his knees, sitting transmits it back to the player. Whenever carrot falls to the floor, it must be cut off from the small piece. Last, do not drop the carrot wins. This game is for your bachelorette party will bring you a lot of laughter and positive emotions.


The name of the competition for a bachelorette party, saysfor itself. Each participant receives a pen, piece of paper. Someone comes up with one word: the house, the sea, flying. Answers should be given in the form of sentences or phrases, such as home - and family holidays. All present girls are given the opportunity to learn about yourself and others a lot of interesting things.

"Guess who?"

In this game for a fun bachelorette party participantssit round the, fastened to each other with small pieces of sticky ends, the hidden character. That is, the participant sees sheets of all the players, but can not see their own. The problem lies in the fact that to guess which character is written on your sheet. Invented hero can be anyone. Gameplay begins with the question, the answer to which can only be yes or no, without detailed explanations. Players ask one question at a time. Member, define the first of his character is the winner.

"Portrait of the bride"

This game is for your bachelorette party showartistic ability girlfriends. For the contest should take a piece of paper, give it to the first participant, she draws on it one side of the face, after the following transfers. Next draw the second part. So in a circle. This game for a bachelorette party is repeated several times, for example, participating in the next time paint the parts that they have not yet painted. It will be interesting to look at the end result, to compare figures.

Contest Portrait of the bride for a bachelorette party

With the help of games for a memorable bachelorette party youdiversify the holiday, and will not let anyone get bored. This day will remain in your memory for a pleasant and precious memory. If you have interesting information on this subject, then leave your comments, they will be useful to other readers.