Congratulations friend on a hen party

When a childhood friend gets married, I want toshare this happy moment with her: a little mourn, remembering the great days of my youth, sincerely happy for her, and from the heart to say a few parting words. The opportunity presented itself during the bachelorette party: close bridesmaids before the wedding can still wish for the future wife of happiness in family life, love, health. It is important to prepare in advance the text of congratulations: write it yourself or use a ready-made options presented below.

Special Greetings to the bachelorette party friend

Modern hen - a pre-weddingparty for the bride, which are going to the closest friend culprits celebrations and celebrate with her last unmarried night. Typically, this event takes place in a relaxed atmosphere of fun: the future girlfriends give presents to his wife, arrange fun contests, games, prepare a small reception. Always on this occasion I want to congratulate my friend with the acquisition of the new status in her life, saying beautiful impressive toast. This can be done in several ways.

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In prose

  • Congratulations to a close friend: a woman about the true

My girlfriend! It is believed that a girl who is getting married, must be able to deal: to cook, to sew beautifully, skillfully deal with a huge farm, to be a friend and a good lover her future husband, mother-in-love, keep the hearth of their family. All of the above need to have time to do at once.

This would seem natural, but at the same timehard work only by a true lady who genuinely loves her man. It's all about you, and you know how to be mistress, and the mistress, and the keeper of the hearth. I wish you to the fire in your heart, and the love that you give to her lover, never extinguished. Let he loves you back and wears on his hands! For mutual love!

  • An interesting variant of congratulations to the Forum: family life

(Bride's name)! On the one hand to marry - a sad event: for you, girlfriend, deprive themselves of freedom, joy, many unmarried life you are unavailable. But why do they need a woman when she has a remarkable man who all will present at her feet, surrounds the endless love and care? I wish that family life with (the name of her future husband) has always been just such that you never for a moment did not want to return to self-sufficiency and solitude. For unlimited mutual love between (name of the bride and future husband) married!

  • Option congratulations girlfriend childhood: emphasis on the value of women

My dear childhood friend! Women's share of hard: from the earliest years, we have to constantly learn household tricks that are useful in adult life. Oh ... But what I'm sad about it!

In fact, being a woman is remarkable becausethat she has a wonderful gift to love selflessly, in spite of everything, and forgiving much. Often these men are and start to abuse our boundless kindness. I wish you that the future husband was not engaged never to appreciate a diamond like you!

Let him help you to shine brighter, even admires your unearthly beauty and protects against any grief. Happiness to you! All greetings in your honor! For you, my dear, and for the love in your marriage!

In verse

At the bachelorette party, fine,
Time spend together.
Recall crazy youth,
Songs fashionable sing.
we Otorvёmsya complete
Laughter tears pushed aside.
And of course, touch on,
Youth series.
You, my friend, will soon become
The sun in his family.
Allowed to marry
Let's say we'll together!

We say goodbye to a friend.
Soon you'll be my wife,
For darling wife
The most near and dear.
Pozabrosish parties,
Stop the club going,
With his "half"
You'll spend time.
And tonight important
Have fun until the morning,
We in the morning you say,
That time has come home.

Here, girls, for a fun occasion appeared,
Our faithful friend was going to marry.
Because today it is necessary so to have fun,
To family life exactly failed.
Tomorrow faithful wife become, undoubtedly,
And today you're free, so it seemed.
Let our bachelorette party will be able to, without delay,
We will open the champagne and of pogudim.

Congratulations in your own words

  • Collective congratulations from friends at the bachelorette party

Dear our friend! Tomorrow you'll be a married woman, and hear the words during the wedding of a happy family life, about love. And at this point we want to be the last night of a young carefree life was fun and provocatively! On this night, you allowed all sorts of pranks, mischief and carefree fun!

Do not think about anything, because tomorrow is a newlife, which must be prepared to meet! Therefore, we are here to grandly celebrate this wonderful day! We wish you to have fun with your spouse always bright, sincere laugh, smile constantly! We raise our glasses to you, heartily congratulate newfound love!

  • Congratulations on a bachelorette party from the closest friend

Ah, my dear friend! A lot of you and I have experienced the harsh days and fun! There are a lot of memories, which can neither husband nor children to tell the future. Friendship with us from the very strong barefoot childhood. You're like a sister to me, so I find it hard so just let you go in married life.

I really want to marriage for one dayIt did not become a torture for you, so that you may not regret one minute in a marriage that gave the fate of the beloved. Be it for a reliable support, affectionate, loving, girlfriend, mistress out of the competition. Give a maximum of love to her husband, this is for you to repay you handsomely until his old age. And I'll always be your friend, who will share with you every moment of joy or sorrow of family ties! For a strong family and a boundless love!

  • Excellent greeting from a group of girlfriends who came to a bachelorette party

Girls! Now our friend celebrating the last night before a serious unmarried conjugal life. You're just a few hours before the status of a legitimate wife enters into force.

I would like to take advantage of this moment tooff on the full and fun bride in a new life! So we walk up to the last minute to remember every moment. All that will happen this evening - will remain in our memory forever. Our congratulations to the sound in your honor with all my heart, our dear friend! We share this joy with you! For a strong affection in a marriage!

Video: congratulations to the bride before the wedding of friends

Congratulations friend, said the processbachelorette party, may be different, the main thing - it is the sincerity, warmth and good humor. You want to tell a childhood friend the perfect toast? Take these ready congratulations for the foundation, add a few words of his own - and a good prenuptial wish you provided. To equip with additional ideas and thoughts, below view interesting video in which friends are congratulating the bride at the bachelorette party: