Clothing for a bachelorette party

Going to a party dedicated to the "lastDay "unmarried life, it is important to choose the right outfit. Clothing for a bachelorette party can be totally different, it depends on the idea of ​​a holiday, wishes culprits celebrations. For theme parties should choose the outfit that would fit the theme of the evening. If the party of "free style", there will prevail freedom of choice - the main thing that all looked delicious, feel comfortable. What could be the styles on bachelorette party dresses?

Democratic style of clothing

For a bachelorette party, there is no democraticdress code. Bridesmaids, and even the bride herself, free to choose a dress to your liking. No matter who and that wears - is appropriate jeans, short evening dresses, casual skirts. Maybe someone wants to dress in rags, baggy trousers - there is no difference, it is possible and nudity, if you are going to spend a bachelorette party in the jacuzzi, most importantly, make you feel comfortable, and the mood was perfect.

Free style

All as one

Many women prefer to spendtheme party, bachelorette party. Here the clothes should have a common theme of both the bride and her bridesmaids. The main "trick" - everything must wear identical outfits, be it denim shorts, T-shirts or shawls.

Same clothes for a bachelorette party

"Bow side"

In a fashion includes costumes, in which all the girls,attending the bachelorette party, have the same detail of the toilet - hats, ribbons, bouquets, bracelets, boutonnieres, beads of natural or artificial stone. It is important that all the accessories were the same color, style, similar in texture. The main highlight - "bow", and easier - a distinctive feature inherent to all participants.

Common accessories

Subject costume bachelorette party option

Clothing for a bachelorette party a specific topicabsolutely must comply with the idea of ​​a holiday. All guests must wear similar costumes (eg costumes butterflies) or outfits that combine topics - suits heroines of fairy tales, the characters of one fairy tale.

fancy dress hen party


At the bachelorette party to wear military best kits safari style - shorts, jacket, similar to the military uniform or safari sundress. Such clothing is comfortable, it will not hamper your movements.

The image of the military

Clothing for a bachelorette party in the style of the 80's

Clothing 80s - bright and varied. What is suitable for a party?

  • Tights, leggings in bright colors. If they are compatible with a wide shirt or tunic, your image will be as close as possible to the appearance of youth 80-ies of XX century.

  • Good will look jeans. It is best to wear blue jeans.

  • Perfectly fit blouses, jackets with broad shoulders, light dresses, form-fitting silhouette.

  • As the shoe is better to choose the usual white sports sneakers with bright laces.

Clothing 80s

Retro style

For retro bachelorette party dress is perfect. There will also be appropriate fluffy skirt and blouse. Do not forget the retro makeup and hairstyle to best meet this style.

retro outfit

Gangster, Chicago 20's

For gangster bachelorette party best suited the following clothing options:

  • Strict pants suit perfectly emphasizes the figure.

  • The dress that emphasizes femininity,often make high-waisted to visually make the silhouette above. The length of the garment can vary from the ankle to the knee, according to the girl's request.

Gangster charm


Very original cowboy is considered a bachelorette party. For such a holiday is better to choose the wardrobe items such as faded jeans, a shirt in the box (it can borrow from the future husband, brother, or friend). A mandatory element is considered to be a cowboy hat. Not bad for a set of find more cowboy boots.

Elegant cowboy

Marine clothing style

On hen marine theme is best to wearstriped shirts or sweatshirts (vest). Good will look short skirts, sarafan with a striped collar, which is equally easy to flaunt along the promenade or spend time on the boat. To add an image capable of his cap, sailors hat.

Clothing moryachek

Clothing Japanese geisha

If the bride - a lover of Japanese art,and decided to hold the event in an appropriate style, your goal becomes a geisha costume. The main piece of clothing - kimono. The brighter it is, the better.

No less important detail is considered to be aobi-belt, which is tied over the kimono. As a rule, it is bright, with a variety of floral, abstract drawings. Shod best wooden shoes, but if they are not able to find a great place heeled sandals or shoes.

For Japanese bachelorette party


Option for a bachelorette party in this style should doa woman most attractive. Perfect dress with a fluffy skirt to the knee and a short-cut, form-fitting bodice. Good will look wide patent leather straps that emphasize the waist line. This dress you will look spectacular, attracting the glances of men, but do not forget that you have a wedding soon, and you will find a bride.

The image mods

"Men's" bachelorette party

On the "male" best bachelorette party to wear a suit similar to the male. Wear a shirt, tie, hat and create a sort of mischievous men gang. Good will look and simple pants with a shirt.

Clothes Ideas for a bachelorette party in Hawaiian style

Excellent choice of stag parties willHawaiian party. Well, if the bride is rich and there is a possibility to arrange a bachelorette party directly in the Hawaiian Islands. If this is not possible - do not despair, a suitable environment will create and our continent.

What to wear to a party? It would be appropriate bright swimsuits (joint, separate, bikini), bright and colorful sarongs. Excellent skirt "hula" will appear in conjunction with a bright top, decoration of fresh or artificial flowers.

Hawaiian bachelorette party

If the bachelorette party will be held at the club, welldress up in bright short denim shorts and short shirts or mini sarafan. Required attributes are considered to be bracelets, necklaces, Hawaiian-style, which you can do yourself by looking video guide on making beads Hawaiian:

For "pokatushek" limousine

If the hen has no specific themethe holiday and planned to ride in a limousine, girls clothing can be any. It may be the usual blue jeans with a T-shirt, long or short skirts, dresses, tunics, T-shirts with the same inscriptions. It is important that apparel does not restrict movement of the shoe should choose shoes or sandals.

Bachelorette party in a limousine

How to dress the bride on a hen party

The bride, a hero of the occasion, shouldstand out among her friends. Whether having a party theme or the usual, it should look better than anyone, attire should emphasize its advantages. The main feature of the bride's veil is considered (as an option, you can make a turban for fun).

Hair, makeup and accessories

To participate in the theme bachelorette party hair and makeup should be chosen according to the theme of the party:

  • So, it is necessary to whiten Japanese bachelorette partyface, eyes take a black pencil and lip make up of bright red lipstick. Hairstyle - hair, tucked away in a bun, fastened by means of a scallop, hairpins. A striking example - in the photo.

geisha Makeup
  • On hen 80s better suited loose curly or straight hair.

  • Style pajama party completely eliminates the need for makeup and hairstyle can make a horse's tail.

  • As for the other styles - about hairstyles or make-up no special requirements, because all you need to do so, as you wish.

Some parties require some accessories to help you create the right image, giving the evening a festive atmosphere:

  • On the Hawaiian party considered mandatory accessories bracelets and necklaces of flowers.

  • For the cowboy festival - a hat.

  • For a bachelorette party in the style of Chicago - boas, gloves, hat.

If you are going to hold a thematicparty girlfriends warn in advance, make a script with a list of relevant accessories and outfits that they had time to pick up the appropriate clothing. All this can create the right atmosphere and make the holiday fun.

If this information has helped you to decide on outfits for a bachelorette party, leave your comment. Tell us which version you like clothing.