Bachelorette party pin-up style

Recently, growing in popularityacquires celebration theme parties before the wedding, it is not only very beautiful, but also unforgettable. Most importantly, to conform to all the details of the holiday chosen topic and helped create the whole picture. Very interesting and unusual bachelorette party in the style of pin-up (in a translation from English to pin up pin up refers to a poster on the wall, which depicts a woman in a certain style). Create a festive atmosphere will help stylized costumes, music and vintage cars.

Preparing costumes and accessories

If you want to leave a bright and fun withsingle life, then the ideal option would be a bachelorette party pin-up style. Farewell party happens only once, so that it prevents to celebrate in a big way? We offer you a little rowdy, fun, beautiful and memorable bachelorette party pin-up (American holiday style), which will be remembered forever for you and your friends.

Costumes and accessories for bachelorette party

The choice of clothing - it is one of the main partsEvents. Ideal pin-up style - short skirt, sun, t-shirt, playful light dress, heels, sunglasses, jewelry. All invited girlfriend can wear the same T-shirts with prints (for example, with the image of pin-up style of girls). A close friend will be able to prepare in advance an important gift that will remind of the past fun - alone organize a bachelorette party pin-up or to order his professional organizers.

Importantly, do not forget about accessories for decoration,which will give the luxury and will help to create a single style of the party - it may be a glass of "pin-up" inscription, poster, signed as "Bachelorette party" or "stag night", as well as the bubble drawn on the posters can be ordered for children blowing bubbles and give an invited. / p>

Pin Up closely intersects with the retro style, sowhen choosing clothes for a bachelorette party, consider the features of the latest - flowered prints, stripes and peas, bright colors, patent leather high-heeled shoes, scarlet lipstick. You can wear a body with a deep neckline, short shorts with high seating, a corset, closed bathing suit, shoes with laces, high socks, stockings, playfully peeking out from under the skirt, tie a scarf around his neck.

Compulsory part - PHOTOSESSION

If the bachelorette party pin-up is carried out in warm weatheryear, and the outside weather is good, then it is better to organize it in nature, not forgetting about the photos, video memory. Be sure to conduct a photo shoot pin-up outdoors. If the court of the winter, you will need a studio. The theme for the photo has already been selected - choose the correct image of a retro-50s. This can be a stylish dress with polka dot prints, cell and solid-color. Feel free to wear retro swimwear with high waist (the style of pin-up) and sit by the pool.

Photoshoot bachelorette party pin-up

Where to spend?

The main feature of the party pin-up areretro car, because they like nothing better to talk about the chic 50th. If you have the chance to rent this car, it is better to abandon the limousine. Spend a bachelorette party pin-up outdoors, at home, in a cozy restaurant or cafe, previously decorating it with a view of the party style. The bride can choose a nightclub, because dancing become a mandatory part of the party pin-up. The venue for stag parties do not choose the sauna, as the style of pin-up implies a bright makeup, playful image, and display it all in a stuffy room you will not succeed.

Photo shoot on the beach in retro swimsuit

Bachelorette party in the style of pin-up includes a photo session inretro swimsuits, which are held standing on the beach or in the studio. But pictures vulgarity does not exude - the body need poluobnazhena, no explicit poses. Be sure to wear retro swimwear - choose the model with high seating, plain, colored, polka dots, square, striped, piece-rate and split. You will need a rehearsal photo session, plan a bachelorette party pin-up, do not forget to introduce and bring together friends.

Retro swimwear photo shoot

Retro car

To celebrate the bachelorette party pin-up, you need to orderRetro car. Many brides stop option limousine having a bright pink color. Riding on such a machine will give a real holiday, and all the guests will come to an indescribable joy. You can choose almost any stylish vintage cars, which were released 30-40 years ago, both domestic and foreign - for example, Cadillak Fleetwood Braugham 1974. Against the background of this car turn out great photos.

Horse retro car

Retro cars for a bachelorette party

picnic Format

Carry a picnic-style pin-up will help youprofessional team or organization will rest your close friend. If you have a question, how should pass pin-up picnic, consider some subtleties of this event - the main thing to take a blanket, Coke glasses, drinks, snacks, cakes, fruit. Carry a picnic can be in the park, on the picturesque forest meadow or the beach.

Picnic Pin-Up

Club option

There may need to find a specific club,which is just perfect fit conducted a thematic party pin-up. Holiday in the club will remain for the evening, after you spend a photo session and take a ride around the city on the retro car. When you select a club prefer those variants that have a stylized design - for example, the 50-60-ies format. It will not be difficult, because the retro received a huge popularity and many club owners organize parties in this style.

Bachelorette party pin-up in the club

Make-up and hairstyles

Compulsory girls need to createthe correct way - make-up and hairstyle. You do not need special skills to make a fashionable hairstyle pin-up. One of the simplest and most popular options - stacking with a handkerchief. Shawls are considered very feminine and stylish accessory, and you can tie it in different ways - to tie the ends of the handkerchief under her chin, turn strip, fully cover the head or wrap around the neck. To create a stylish image of a pin-up, you need a comb, a hair dryer and styling.

Hair pin-up - this is the case when it is necessaryspend a lot of time laying, that the image was perfect. If you have thick bangs, screw it on the comb sconces, hairdryer dry, then lay into a tube, fix with varnish. Then smoothly combed hair back and gather them up or to the side, you can leave the curls loose, and put the ends of the large curls. It is recommended that the hair pin artificial flowers.

If there is no time, then just zacheshite hairback, giving the amount of light fleece (it can be used a hairpiece or a special foam rubber sponge to give volume). Hair surface should be completely smooth. Behind the bandages hair handkerchief. To image has been completed, do not forget about makeup - make arrows, stained lashes, lips Apply lipstick bright shades.

Hair and make-up for a party pin-up

What to eat and drink?

Conceiving hold a bachelorette party pin-up style,take care of the entertainment for the guests. Be sure the table you need to put a Coke or cocktails, of which it is part (alcoholic, low alcohol), and do not forget the sugar cookies, cakes, delicious cake with polka dots, because such coloring was the most popular in the 50s and is an integral part of the pin-up style.

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