bachelorette party options for all-all-all!

Girls, of course, are different. And the notion of fun they are different. But every bride and her friends simply must fervently celebrate a bachelorette party and have fun from the heart before the wedding. And how to do it, prompt hobbies girls, according to which we have tried to pick up the options for hen parties in this article.

languid girls

If you are with friends carefully take care of yourself andI do not want to turn a bachelorette party in evening follies, arrange the celebration of body and soul - visit the spa-salon or beauty parlor. If you organize a bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding ceremony, you can combine business with pleasure. And you will rest well and take care of appearance before the wedding, and with friends for a couple of hex nice cocktails.

Hen Spa


Travelling or hiking - greatbachelorette party for the curious and restless girls came to the conclusion wedding portal If you like to discover new things, interested in unusual trips, do not mind the adventure, why change yourself? Organize a small sortie to the nearest attractions or a longer tour to unknown places in friendly female company. And then you will definitely be something to remember.

Bachelorette party in the campaign


For a fun bachelorette party does not necessarilygo to the vast distance and you can not even leave the house. If you rarely communicate with friends, invite them to her house, prepare a feast with hilarious (muffins, cakes, sushi, pizza, fondue, ratatouille - to your taste). Joint activities rallies, and the house creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Hen house

kind hearts

If you love nature and animals, invitefriends at a nearby farm. Arrange rides, feed the ostriches, cuddle rabbits - animals always bring positive emotions. Continuing bachelorette party organize a picnic in the fresh air, or even make a barbecue. And at the end of the holiday you can indulge in the sky helium balloons or, for example, make a little firecracker.

Girlfriend riding

sensitive woman

You can please yourself and friends,organized excursions to the spirits of the factory or in a company that produces cosmetics. Test new items, inhale pleasant fragrances, listen to the history of perfume and pick your own unique bouquet. This is an original and refined version of the bachelorette party.

Hen on a perfume factory

Girls puzzles

Why not hold a bachelorette party, as didour distant great-great-grandmother Slav? Coming together, light candles (and incense sticks, for example) and make a night of divination. It will be fun and mysterious, and bachelorette party to be remembered for a long time all I am sure the site

risk girls

Extreme sports and adrenaline is loved not only by men. If your girlfriend will not mind, go to a meeting in the most unexpected occupations: jump with a parachute, ride a snowboard, learn Rope jumping, learn how to jump on a trampoline, or even try to play paintball. However, try to organize such a bachelorette party early wedding day (at least for a month), because in spite of the precautions, it can be traumatic. After all, insure and take care of that, so you have 3-4 weeks for removal of potential bruises or injuries.

Risk bachelorette party

romantic person

If you can not imagine life without romance andtender feelings, and treat yourself to the bachelorette party. There are many options: from the photo shoots on the background of fascinating landscapes to launch sky lanterns. Make a wish, prepare a little surprise for friends, create the romance of their own hands.

Arrange the original and unforgettable bachelorette party notand difficult. The main thing - keep in mind the interests of friends, to calculate the correct time for a bachelorette party in the general plan of preparation for the wedding and, of course, realize small dreams.

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