Bachelorette party in the style of a coven

Every girl wants to turn her bachelorette party insomething special. The original script of the event will make a pre-wedding celebration fun and memorable. The style of the bachelorette party "Coven" immerse present in the mysterious atmosphere of the wizarding world.

The choice and design of the place

For the bachelorette party in the style of the Sabbath notfit noisy restaurant, sauna, and the more fun nightclub. To ensure a "full immersion" holiday best done outdoors, at night. To carry out this hen will eat the houses on the territory of a wooded area - where you can light a fire and dance around and sing songs to the moon, to guess and be merry. Decorate the room for stag parties Sabbath help old books with yellowed paper, bats, large candles unusual shapes, pumpkins are used during Halloween. Pentagram, built of stones in the street or using other available tools at home, give a bachelorette party Sabbat mysterious atmosphere. It is important to choose appropriate music for the holiday background - it should not be dancing or too slow. Suitable rhythmic instrumental accompaniment sound with electronic effects, deep rhythms of the drums.

room decoration for a bachelorette party

How and whom to invite?

During the bachelorette party in the style of a covenmust be made subject to an invitation card. Girlfriends should be invited in advance, for a few weeks, so they have time to prepare. It will be interesting if the invitation to deliver a courier, dressed as the devil. The text of the note might be: "I greet you, dear (name girlfriend)! After rising to the top of Bald Mountain magic, we'll have our witches coven to communicate with otherworldly forces and get their permission to conduct my wedding soon, otherwise not escape punishment! Collection will be witches (address, name of the place, time). After reading the note, burn it! Arrives. (Bride's name). " At the bachelorette party should be invited only the closest friends, who are willing to share your idea of ​​the event.

What to Wear?

On the Sabbath, you need to dress appropriately -suit different variations witch costumes. Colors garments - black, red, blue, marsh. Long dark dress as well as possible reflect the style of a bachelorette party, but the possible option of creating an image of sexual witch. Fabrics can be torn, worn, and the color or texture of the attire of the bride even different from the rest. As for hats, pointed hats fit, a person can hide carnival masks. The image of the celebration of the Queen will add an unusual black diadem. Broom - a perfect accessory for witches together.

witch costume

In addition to witches, bachelorette party on the Sabbath may be other kinds of magical creatures - features with horns and a tail, magical forest fairies, angels Black Wing.


Varied menu in the style of a bachelorette partywill delight the guests arrived. Suit a variety of meat dishes, salads, use edible decorations - spiders from olives, mice, made from eggs. The table can decorate fruit on which are carved the runes, and at the end of a bachelorette party theme would be appropriate to a delicious cake. Dishes can also match the style of the Sabbath - it should be old, artsy, slightly shabby.


Dark shadows and bright lipstick, well-defined cheekbones - the perfect makeup for witches on the Sabbath. Do not be afraid to go too far - this style bachelorette party lets jumble of colors.

witch Makeup


To make the hair witches use high fleece, large lush curls, create the effect is not combed hair. The main thing - is the volume. Fancy weaving are also suitable for stag parties Sabbath.


Program each bachelorette party, regardless of thestyle event, requires a hilarious romps, competitions. At the festival the Sabbath you can arrange a competition in carving a pumpkin faces - the subject symbolizes the end of the harvest, protects against the dark forces. It will not only be fun, interesting activities, but will also provide additional room decor. When guests tire of fun, turn on the film corresponding to the case, on the projector.


Mandatory part of the bachelorette party Sabbath - a fortune-telling. Perform they need to use candles, spell cards. They will help you find out the sex of the child, number of children, the husband's ability to determine how large is the family fortune.

witch divination


Witches at all times, it was decided to give eachother small souvenirs, indicating their location and attachment. On the Sabbath bachelorette party need to maintain this tradition. Gifts can be in the style of the event - the runes, pendants with magic symbols, books, and may be in the form of the usual nice things - cards, jewelry, cosmetics.

Suit your own hands

Watch the video to create a costume in the style of sexy witch. It will help you easily to dress for such an event:


The perfect complement bachelorette party willinvitation to a professional photographer. Original costumes, treats, themed place worth to capture them in pictures. These photos will please the bride and bridesmaids years later. Bachelorette party, which is held in the style of the coven - a beautiful and atmospheric holiday. Girls present at such an event, probably get a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

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