Bachelorette party in style mods

Bachelorette party - an exciting event for eachBride. Organization of the celebration provides pleasant chores for the bride. This festival will allow it to fully show its full creativity and shine exquisite taste. Western fashion dictates: it is now fashionable to arrange a bachelorette party in style mods. How to organize a party, does not get lost in the organizational nuances, will have to face?

Script bachelorette party in style mods

Organization of the event should start withsearch for suitable premises for a bachelorette party. Musical accompaniment, decoration of the hall, which will be a bachelorette party, snacks - all this is not the last place. Format "stilyazhnoy" party assumes that all guests will be dressed in the style of dudes 50-60 years of the twentieth century. This helps to create a special atmosphere at the bachelorette party at the time. From the style of the suit depends on the mood of the party guests.

Photo: retro costumes for the participants of the bachelorette party

To capture all the moments of celebration, notRemember to take care of the presence at the event, photos and videographers. Then, after the wedding, you can remember all the juicy moments bachelorette party, looking at the pictures. Pay special attention to the design of the club, which will host the party. It is worth creating a makeshift bar, where guests can get a delicious alcoholic beverages, as well as the presence of a gramophone plates.

Consider the scenario of a gradual how to entertain guests at the bachelorette party:

  • Start your bachelorette party with a relaxed walk through thethe boulevards and streets of the city. To relax and feel the era of the last century, each present at the bachelorette party is to talk on a particular slang mods.

Walk-hipsters girls on city streets
  • An excellent idea would be organizing a photo shoot while walking. No guest will refuse to capture himself, to save his own to create a stylish image of dudes at least for photo.
  • The culmination of the festival in style mods happenin the lounge party. Dancing 50-ies of the last century, light alcoholic beverages, burdensome atmosphere around - all this creates an unforgettable impression of the bachelorette party.
  • Dilute help bachelorette party fun competitions and quizzes in style mods. Ideas for this part of the event, see "Competitions for the party."
  • Active Entertainment desirable to interrupt the display of iconic Soviet films. This will allow guests a break from dancing.

Photos: Hen in the style mods

Choose a dress

Dress for a bachelorette party should be chosen style50s. Soviet style of those years for girls suggests lush draped dresses, skirts with crinoline. Many do Petticoat skirt luxuriant. The bodice is to tightly encircle the camp of women, emphasizing chiseled figure.

Trendy ideas for theme parties mods

Subculture mods involves colorful prints onstilyazhnoy clothes. This may be a pea, the cell, the strip - a lot of options. The only condition - the colors of the dress should be screaming, even daring. Complete the outfit lacquered monotonous belt, gloves to match the belt and bright beads. These accessories perfectly complement the image of dudes.

Do hair and makeup

As you know, the girls painted party stilyazhnoybright, but the image does not look defiant. To achieve this effect, you need to take your eyes black eyeliner (thin line), applied to the eyelids shade of turquoise, pink, or blue, lipstick scarlet lipstick. Encouraged makeup, blending in with the jewelry.

Draw some useful advice on make-up from the video master class:

You will not regret it, if you can do a similarhen a high ponytail with fleece. Hair decorate colorful bow. Aboriginal hair mods considered the "crown of the world." Its creation is necessary to curl hair, and then with the help of a varnish put them around her head. To get romantic and at the same time, a daring way, shape styling should resemble a crown.

This video guide will help you to create a hairstyle in the style of the 60s:

We are looking for suitable music for hipsters

Special retro music - theme attributebachelorette party. Musical accompaniment evening should consist of rock 'n' roll songs. Suit composition bands: "Bravo," "Code of Ethics", "The Secret." The songs of the legendary singer Joan Aguzarovoj Soviet music also will fall by the way. Young people will be happy to dance on a kind of bachelorette party mods anthem - the song "Train to Chattanooga."

Contests for bachelorette party

Contests - it attribute any bachelorette party. For competitions held fun at the club, where will be held a proper environment should prevail - the laid-back design, a bar with alcoholic beverages, cheerful music. Then guests will be treated to competitions as a game and not as a serious contest. Here are a few ideas for entertainment:

  • Send compliments hero of the occasion, using slang mods. The contest suggests that will make maximum use of your vocabulary - chuvikhi, Gil, shoes, Moldova, etc.
  • Tell the story of the life of the future bride. Surely there are friends, dudes who happily share with others the impressive adventures of bachelor life girl.
  • Dance Battle. Competing through dance allowed both independently and divided into teams.

competitions for a bachelorette party in style dudes

Practice shows that the joy and pleasure of getting all competitions. Therefore, do not focus on someone else's victory.

To bachelorette party went as it should, considerevery detail of the event, organized in style mods. Enlist the support of family and friends, and start training. So you get a lot of positive emotions not only from a bachelorette party, but also in the preparation of the festival. The atmosphere of the 50s, curvy dresses in bright colors, provocative rock 'n' roll - to leave the girl's vivid memories, and will be a good beginning of her married life.

Perhaps you have experience in organizing such events, or you were a party to such a stylized holiday? Share received impressions in the comments!