Bachelorette party in retro style

Wedding - a solemn event andmemorable. None will be nothing unusual, if you want to arrange a luxurious, lavish wedding or prefer to spend the original event that will be remembered for all guests. As a rule, before such an important day, the bride with her friends going to an interesting party - bachelorette party. How to make it special and memorable? Use an interesting idea and organize a bachelorette party in retro style.

The choice of venue

For the retro bachelorette party, choose a cafe withcorresponding entourage, then the atmosphere, and the atmosphere of the places it is best to match the style of a bachelorette party. But the venue for an interesting event for the bride and her bridesmaids will easily become an amusement park with old club interior details, the beach. The main thing - to feel the spirit of the time, to feel it, pick the right accessories.

Retro Cafe for a bachelorette party

Create a retro atmosphere

Prepare in advance decor, appropriateevent. It can be furnished set time, some individual parts and accessories that are suitable for the style of the era - all of this together will be able to take you with her friends in the distant past. To correctly set the tone for the party, consider every detail of the interior.

Furniture of the last century on the bachelorette party

selection of music

The next stage - the selection of the right music. Modern music is hardly fit for a bachelorette party in retro style. It is necessary to select a special club or cafe, where there will be an old white piano, the sounds of which will enchant you. If the hen goes home, indispensable equipment will phonograph or gramophone, which had been in demand in the last century, with a set of plates. Pay attention to the current models of CD players, made in the desired style of retro: they allow to bring the wheels with them, choosing your favorite songs in advance.

The equipment for a retro party

Organize live musical accompanimentretro evening is not easy, but you can make a selection of hits of past years with the help of the Internet. Then think over in advance who will be responsible for the background music during the event, so as not to be distracted by these issues at the bachelorette party.

Appropriate costumes, hair and makeup

How to hold a bachelorette party bride in retro stylewithout proper costumes, hairstyles, make-up? To do this, fit things from "my grandmother's trunk", or purchased in special shops. A perfect solution would be elegant dresses in bright colors with a high waist, bare shoulders, short or long. Flirty gloves they give different lengths. Also dress suit with a fluffy skirt.

Retro dresses for the bride and her friends

Hair should be lush, with fleece toaccurately convey the fashion of those times. Makeup - bright, catchy. Variants matching hairstyles and make-up look at the photo below. Complement the image of the beautiful, elegant, and perhaps glamorous bright decorations, which have to be much.

Hairstyles, makeup retro bachelorette party for the participants

Selecting the retro period

An important feature of the bride's bachelorette party in retrostyle is to choose a specific time period. Hero of the occasion, as well as her girlfriends to choose, the heroines of the decade, they would like to become. All depends on the flight of imagination, interests and idols, whom you admire.

The gangster-style Chicago 20-30s

Bachelorette party in gangster retro style - it's notjust funny, but bright, enchanting, captivating. These gangsters know what is love, loyalty, friendship, so this style attracts the youth of today. Well, if the gangster theme will also be at the party groom. The main thing - to choose the costumes, to work on the manners of communication. It is necessary to devote a little time: Soak up the spirit of the time, watch the movie "The Godfather", "The Great Gatsby."

Pick up for a bachelorette party theme costumesChicago style - retro dresses, feathers, boa, black velvet. Indispensable is bright red lipstick. With musical accompaniment role perfectly cope jazz 30s. An integral part of the evening will be the game - poker, mafia, and for the winner in advance, prepare a little surprise. And maybe spend a bachelorette party directly in the casino? What kind of costumes and makeup to choose, look at the video:

Housewives from the 50s

The fifties are interesting because thenhomemaker was considered a special woman, a real ideal. This woman not only had time to do all the housework, but also look just fine. Flirty dresses, neat hair, scarlet lipstick - these attributes bachelorette party style "Housewives." The main highlight of the dress - a starched apron tied over her gown. You can see in the photo below option such bachelorette party.

Housewives from the 50s to the bachelorette party

Pre-made with their own hands or buyinteresting details, prepare delicious milkshakes to entertain friends. An interesting solution would be bought to order a cake decorated in the style of housewives from the 50's. Select the appropriate gifts for participants of the festival - bright original accessories and decorations.

Accessories, gifts for bachelorette party 50

In the style of breakfast at Tiffany's, 60's

What are the fashion trends were present in 60years? In place of skirts below the knee came popular to this day mini. The idol of all the girls was a fashion model Leslie Hornby, known as Twiggy, shown in the photo below. Her style, which has been celebrated without exaggeration, on all continents, consisted of a short haircut, a bright make-up, by releasing false eyelashes, as well as a simple but interesting clothes. Skirt-bell - mini or midi dresses puppet design baby USD, bright colors golf or tights and patent leather shoes charming (albeit contrasting, not suited to the overall color scheme attire) - your image will be impressive.

Supermodel Lesley Hornby - Twiggy

Her rival in the championship was the Brigitte Bardot,which became known to Hollywood in the film "Babette Goes to War." After the release of the film and greased back hair became fashionable hairstyle called "Babette".

Hairstyle Babette - choice fashionistas for a bachelorette party

To arrange a bachelorette party in retro style 'breakfastat Tiffany's "is to adopt the parts corresponding to the film. Thus, the main color for the decoration of the hall, invitations, table - different shades of blue. An excellent combination of him may be the use of pink, cream, purple, besides, it will bring a lot of opportunities for a stylish table setting.

Speaking of drinks, the title role in theparty in the style of Tiffany Martini belongs. What his serve - with olives, lemon, cherry - a matter of taste, but the mood created by the glass, another martini, will exceed all your expectations. Also suitable champagne, but here it is not necessary to save money and buy his lackluster grades, better to choose a high quality Brut - white or pink. Supplement to drinks served canapes, cupcakes, cakes.

Musical surprises for those present at thethe party will be the melody associated with the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." We are talking about the famous track «Moon River» by Henry Mancini, who was even awarded an Oscar. In addition, suitable compositions of rock and roll, jazz directions.

Clothing such parties - this modest black mini dress or midi length and charming decorations. Hairstyle - Babette, discreet make-up, with the presence of the arrows, releasing the eye.

Hen Breakfast at Tiffany's


The idea of ​​bachelorette party titled "Hipsters"It became popular after the release of the same movie. But this style appeared much earlier - it was the 40-ies of the last century. It is characterized by dress - close-fitting, with a fluffy skirt or tight, short, bright colors. Makeup - bright and contrast. Particular attention should be paid to flirty arrows along the upper eyelid. Excellent shade will look bright colors, red lipstick.

Makeup for a bachelorette party dudes

Hair is best put simply, but tastefully. To do this, use sugar as well as all kinds of hair products. The room is bright for pre-wedding party - bachelorette party in retro style - must be a huge platform for dancing.

Bachelorette party for mods

In the style of the Soviet Union

For the bachelorette party Soviet-style approachthe image of the Komsomol, the schoolgirl or pioneers. Everything should be simple, concise and modest as it was decided many years ago. Stock up on ribbons, badges, and other accessories. Put strict dresses, patent leather shoes. The spirit of that time would create a "communist" symbolism - red tablecloth, floor lamp blue or other colors, portraits of party leaders.

The board should submit a traditional Russian salad,herring "under a fur coat" sprats. The role of alcohol can easily perform the Soviet champagne and vodka, and snacks will be traditional pickles. For such a bachelorette party is important not the quantity but the quality of food.

Bachelorette party Soviet style

By following these tips, you can organize an unforgettable bachelorette party in retro style. If the information has been helpful to you, leave below your comment.