bachelorette party ideas

The best friend of the bride will have no easy task- The organization of the original, fun party, bachelorette party before the wedding. To the holiday was perfect, it would have to take care of many things - the creation of the script, inviting guests, preparation of the plan, which will go on a hen party. If you can not figure out what to do during this event, use the following ideas bachelorette party.

Creative ideas for bachelorette party

Every loving friend would like to make a bachelorette partymemorable for the bride. Creative ideas will help her to create something special - a holiday that will long remember the hero of the occasion with guests.

  • Party Quest. This hen is suitable for brides who love surprises. This event is a game in which the main character will travel around the city (or a particular area of ​​the city), finding the notes, tips, puzzles, meeting people who can help her get to the ultimate goal - the venue for stag parties.
  • Paintball (battles with guns, where insteadbullets - capsules of paint) or laser tag (when hit by an enemy from the laser gun on his body sensor lights, which stands for ingress) - Interesting active games that are sure to please sports girl. Order the game for an hour or two, to change clothes and battle equipment.

Paintball game
  • Hen "Master Class" - a popular ideaof the parties. This is an excellent opportunity to have fun, learn something new, and what - a matter of preference culprits celebrations. Examples of activities: dance lessons, master class cocktails from the bartender, a lesson in painting - let the bride try something that has long wanted to learn.
  • The idea of ​​small bachelorette party in the dash - the originalversion of the event. Surely the future wife tired of the pre-wedding bustle - you need to be responsible for so many things that splits the head. Hike to the shooting range with her friends help her to release tension, relax and "shoot" their problems.

Tyre - an unusual place for a bachelorette party

Creative spend a bachelorette party you will knowledgeflavors of your favorite girlfriends and own imagination. Ideas of a lot of unforgettable bachelorette party - still choose the one that is ideal for the bride.

pajama party

The idea of ​​a pajama suit bachelorette party"Home" for girls who want to have fun, relax with those closest to you. House, close to the best bridesmaids, she can relax as much as possible. To bachelorette party was interested, turn in his script a variety of games, contests, jobs. Training will cost cheap, tasty drink, nice food, small gifts for the bride - it's all what you have to spend money.
Even the fact that this implies a hen night at home, he can go no worse than most noisy club party.

Party in the club

This bachelorette party idea is suitable to girls whofinally want to hang out with best friends. Hot dances till the morning, delicious alcoholic cocktails, loud music - all this will help to forget about the worries for a few hours. Club bachelorette party will not allow the guests how to talk, but will give a boost of energy, which is so necessary culprit celebration.

The idea for a bachelorette party - night club

Trekking in the sauna

Sauna - a wonderful place, which maypass a memorable bachelorette party. If you get the idea out there to celebrate it, share it with the bride. You can combine a visit to the massage, sauna, useful procedures that will ensure the recovery of the organism, will contribute to creating a beautiful appearance of the audience. Due to the fact that the pores open due to the heat and humidity of a sauna, a mask for the skin will be more effective to cope with its task.

By choosing this kind of recreation, refuse alcohol - it will harm the body.

Sauna - a healthy idea for a bachelorette party

The triumph in the limo

Elegant clothes, large lounge, champagne,lights of the city at night - all this will be the perfect complement of the holiday, if you use the idea of ​​bachelorette party limousine. Order this transport will not come cheap, but well worth the cost spent time. Make a route of your car, walk, visit memorable places, try to pop out of the hatch on the roof. Take pictures and have fun, but after a trip to visit a restaurant or nightclub.

Bachelorette party in a limousine

Photoshoot in nature

Hen, combined with a photoshoot - excellentidea to perpetuate the memory of this day. Beautiful professional photos adorn the new family album of the bride. You can not only spend a bachelorette party, photo shoot, but also to give the culprit celebration gift certificate for a trip to the salon - let her be the most beautiful.

Stylists prepare the bride to the shooting, and the restTake a picture. Walking in the fresh air, beautiful scenery, the company's best friends and a camera to create memorable images of fun - good embodiment of the idea of ​​bachelorette party.

Photoshoot at bachelorette party

Watch a short video review bachelorette party in nature - a fun and enjoyable activities:

The Full Monty

Spicy evening and night bachelorette party helpcampaign on male striptease. Before you make a bride a fun, ask her opinion about the idea, or it may be an unpleasant surprise. If the girl finally agreed to look at the body of another man - go to a strip club, this event definitely lift the mood of the audience.

The Full Monty


Nothing refreshes the mind, like traveling. If you have a large-scale finance - arrange his girlfriend a memorable bachelorette party weekend, where she will be able to change the situation and get away from the hassle. You can go to travel to another city or even another country to visit - it all depends on the capabilities. Any girl will be glad to be away from the pre-wedding troublesome cases.

Theme party

If you have taken to organize thematicparty, remember that it all must fit perfectly uniform style - from treats to present outfits. Some ideas below will help determine what a bachelorette party theme will be closer to you and the hero of the occasion.

  • Retro style 60's became a classic duringof hen parties. To create the atmosphere of the past century, find suitable clothes, do hair and go to the table of an expensive restaurant. Secular conversation, delicious food and drink to help you enjoy a bachelorette party.

Hen retro style
  • "Children's Holiday." This bachelorette party idea is to help her friends with the bride back to the past again, to feel like a little girl - carefree and joyful. Wear bright things, visit a favorite children's cafe, sing songs, who loved before - do everything that adults are not to face, because after the wedding on the shoulders of the culprits celebrations lies the family responsibility.

Bachelorette party idea: children's holiday
  • Oriental style bachelorette party. To create the right atmosphere - decorate a room, which will host the event, or visit the oriental restaurant. Attributes that will help you to note hen Oriental - free bright clothes, hookah, incense sticks, candles, theme music, belly dancing.

East hen house

Whatever idea bachelorette party theme you choose - be guided by the tastes of the main character of the holiday.

Contests for bachelorette party

Ideas interesting contests to help you implement the scenario fun bachelorette party, with passion:

  • Karaoke. Compete in this field on the territory of a special coffee shop or arrange a vocal battle right at home.

Competition for singing
  • Let all those present will remember the phrase-excuses men and write them on paper. Lead will count. Who remembered more - and that winner.
  • Newspaper dancing - funny competition duringbachelorette party. The girls have to dance, standing on the newspaper, which will gradually decrease thanks to the efforts leading - at regular intervals (eg 30 seconds), it will cut the paper in half. Win the most agile and stable girl - the last who will dance on the small scrap.
  • "Take off your garter." The essence of the game is that guests put the garter on the leg. Who will be able to get rid of it without using their hands - he wins.

Do not forget to buy small prizes for the winners and the participants - even symbolic things will please everyone.

What can you give a bride?

Gifts hero of the occasion - a mandatory partbachelorette party. Give it what you see fit, but give up the clock, mirrors, knives - a bad sign (although modern girls are not so superstitious as before, and was happy to accept the gift). Suitable gifts would be high-quality bath towels, personal ornaments, books, gift certificates, expensive alcohol, things that are useful to the bride for hobbies, wedding garter.

Gifts bride

Bachelorette party organization - not an easy task, but youdo the task, finding the right idea for the event. Be prepared for the celebration, to do everything in a hurry and do not forget anything.

What ideas do you want to use for your bachelorette party? Leave comments after the article.