Bachelorette party for a pregnant bride

If earlier it was believed that wear whitewedding dress can only be a bride, to preserve their virginity until marriage, the modern realities have made significant changes in wedding fashion and tradition. There are cases when a girl goes down the aisle with markedly rounded belly. But the pregnancy - is not a reason to abandon the lush wedding and organize a celebration on the eve of the big day. Bachelorette party for a pregnant bride spent in a circle of close friends, will be a bright and memorable event. But where to organize this event?

Organizing a bachelorette party for the bride

Places for stag parties for pregnant

Traditionally, the bachelorette party is engaged in the organizationwitness the future bride or girlfriend. Since the event is being prepared for a woman expecting a child, it will make some adjustments in the holiday scenario and choice of location for the event. To remember the hen bright emotions and not caused a health problem for the pregnant bride should spend the holiday away from the noisy companies, loud music. It is recommended to organize a peaceful meeting by narrow at the point where the bride will be able to sit and lie down if necessary.

Where to spend a pregnant bride bachelorette party

The «SPA-salon"

Every woman loves to pamper yourself beautyprocedures. SPA-center - a perfect venue for a bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding. Pregnant bride can not only relax there, spend time with your favorite girlfriends, but also to prepare your body for the solemn day. If you chose the this embodiment, the ordering procedure for a bachelorette party in the cabin, you must ask range of services for pregnant women.

Remember, many of the services that are offeredSpa, are contraindicated for pregnant women. For all procedures, which are accompanied by rasparivaniem (sauna, jacuzzi, hammam), will have to give. A pregnant bride suitable for stag parties a relaxing foot massage, hand, manicure and pedicure, light non-aromatic masks for hair, face, taking herbal tea, oxygen cocktails.

SPA salon for a bachelorette party of a pregnant woman

In a cafe or restaurant

To arrange a bachelorette party in a cafe or restaurantpregnant bride is a good idea only if that will be reserved table in the establishment where smoking is prohibited. In addition, pre-inspecting the place, make sure that there is no room in the "Live Music" is not included loud music, which quickly tire the pregnant lady.

Choose a bachelorette party for a restaurant with a comfortablefenced off areas, comfortable seating, where your company will be able to retire and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. Pre-book your table, consider the menu. When choosing foods for a bachelorette party preference was given to unsharp and unsalted snacks, dishes of fish, chicken, lean meats. For the bachelorette party, choose the day, not the evening.

Hen in the restaurant


A good solution would be the organization of the festivaloutdoors. During warmer months, arrange a bachelorette party in the park, the garden or the city by the river. But choose not to do on a hot day, or at least take care of the presence of shelter from the scorching sun. Well suited for a bachelorette party rustic cottage with access to a garden or on a beautiful meadow. In addition, nature is a perfect natural backdrop for bright, do not forget the photo shoot for the pregnant bride.

Feast on nature for a pregnant bride

Ideas for a bachelorette party at home

Sometimes a pregnant bride expressed wishesstay at home on the day of stag parties. Carry out activities in the home will be able to at least have fun and brightly than elsewhere. Of particular relevance to the bride's home party for a longer period, when a long stay on his feet in a sitting position or causes discomfort, fatigue. To hen house turned out funny and original, it is necessary to come up with a style set the tone, have a thematic celebration.

Hen house for the pregnant bride

Home Beauty Salon

The relaxed homely atmosphere willpromote relaxation and rest not only the bride, but also the guests. From a small company you can make a mini version of a beauty salon. For a home spa, you will need cosmetics, comfortable clothing. It is recommended to buy soft bathrobes, take care of the required amount of towels. Invite masters at home, which will make manicures, pedicures, facials and other beauty treatments. As entertainment on this bachelorette party bridesmaids can make each other makeup, original hairstyles.

Pre-wedding celebration for pregnant

Evening of cinema

Pregnant bride wants to spend the day inrelaxed environment? Then organized to her bachelorette party in style in the evening of cinema. Invite them to moviegoers hen-friends who do not mind to spend time watching your favorite films. Give up watching films with a heavy story, filled with drama. Not suitable for stag parties such horror movies, thrillers. Preference is recommended to give the romantic comedy, melodrama, serials. After viewing the tape arrange another club and critics share their impressions of what he saw.

Watching movies with a pregnant bride

Sitting with fortune telling

Divination - traditional entertainment girlsbachelorette party for ages. In connection with the theme of the evening is necessary to choose fun and funny types of divination. To make the mystery and create a charming atmosphere, turn off the lights and use only as lighting candles. Buy or bake their own hands Chinese cookies with the predictions. To choose only predictions optimistic, humorous inscriptions, which only will delight and amuse the audience.

Guessing at the bachelorette party can arrange not onlyon maps, but also on the magic ball, asking him funny questions, for example, born in newlyweds first boy or girl; whether to submit the bridegroom his beloved coffee in bed. Ridiculous come divination "Kinder Surprise". To do this, buy chocolate eggs with souvenirs, distribute them to all the guests. bride's friends should in comic form to talk about results in surprise, as a precursor of something good.

Divination by the celebration for the bride

pajama party

About pajama parties we have learned throughHollywood movies. This idea is well suited for the bachelorette party, the main character of which is in position. Party, where all participants dress up in costumes to sleep, contributes to a pleasant pastime in a relaxed atmosphere. During a bachelorette party bridesmaids invited to consider the old photos, to remember funny moments of life, to share plans for the future, to plan joint visits on the weekend.

How to conduct a prenuptial celebration for pregnant

bachelorette party script for the pregnant bride

Arrange a feast for the pregnant bride shouldher best friend and witness. She will lead a bachelorette party, to offer contests, entertain guests. At the meeting invited all need to get to know each other. Prepare small tablets that every guest will be able to hang on your arm or chest. On tablets write humorous nicknames bridesmaids. For example, "Stesnyashka" "Cutie," "veselushka" "Darling". Throughout the bachelorette party guests are invited to contact each other by the names indicated on the label.

Presenter: "We are on a hen party with an ulterior motive. Our beloved friend now says goodbye to me. But who am I, who she says goodbye, can you guess? ". Guests are trying to find the correct answer, the first guessed gets a souvenir.

Bachelorette party before the wedding

"Yes, she says goodbye forever with me - with Maidenlife. Tomorrow it will be a married lady. Therefore, we must adequately conduct it in a new way, that she had something to remember long family evenings, preparing dinner husband. "

"We start our hen party with a fun contest!"- Says a leading. She invites all her friends gathered to remember one by one saying about the wedding. Who can say the saying, he is eliminated from the competition. The winner is the participant who will remember the most.

Moderator: "All we have long been friends with the bride, and her love for the good qualities, such as loyalty, kindness, caring. Let us remember the brightest moments of our friendship, and to portray them with fantasy in a joint picture. " On a large sheet of paper draw a friend's friendly comics and accompany their action comic stories about the bride.

Scenario pre-wedding celebration pregnant bride

"We're a little warmed up and had fun, but it'stime to congratulate the bride with the wedding coming. " Guests in turn handed the gifts and congratulations pregnant bride approached the solemn day. Then, a leading said: "Many words of praise and pleasant wishes of the bride heard in his address. I give the floor to you, the main hero of the occasion. What can you tell about your girlfriends? ". Bride to thank all the participants for their greetings and gifts, and gives all gifts.

During a bachelorette party leader offersplay different games, take part in competitions, do comic divination. But during a bachelorette party should be limited, as a pregnant bride needs rest. Try to keep the party lasted no more than three hours. As treats guests should be served cakes, cake, sweets with tea or juice.