Bachelorette party before the wedding

Before the bride wears on the ring fingerring and permanently connect with her man, she has the opportunity to revel in full, celebrating the last days of freedom. Bachelorette party before the wedding - an event that will allow it without regret to say goodbye with a "bachelor" life. Organization merry holiday usually becomes the responsibility of her best friend, which is obliged to arrange everything in the best possible way.

How to spend a bachelorette party before the wedding

If you are wondering how to spendperfect pre-wedding bachelorette party, here the answer is: "Fun, interesting and original!". All those present, and most importantly - at the culprit celebration, should remain wonderful memories of that day. To start take care of invited guests - this should be the next bridesmaid. Make a list of the invited girls, ring up for them to choose a day when all will be able to come.

Choosing a date for a bachelorette party before the wedding,Make sure that it is not assigned to one or two days to the celebration - the bride is fully concerns at this time. Let bachelorette party will be held a week before the wedding. Decide the scenario party, think fun games, contests, make a detailed plan that will help you save time. If themed party, keep in mind the subject of style - from clothes to present lodged food.

Photo: Thematic pre-wedding hen party

Your knowledge of the character of a friend tell ideaperfect holiday: for lovers of peace, comfort and spiritual conversations, plan home gatherings with interesting movies, tear off the suit loud party till the morning, and the girls who love to relax in style, it is possible to arrange an evening hike in the beautiful restaurant or car-ride in a limousine. Whichever option you choose, follow the tastes of women, which is arranged for a bachelorette party, then you can charge it with positive energy before the wedding.

Holiday in the sauna

If you see that the bride is tired of the hasslebefore the wedding, and in need of rest and recovery, arrange for her bachelorette party relaksovy. Conducting a holiday in the territory of the sauna relaxes the culprit celebration, will help her to relax body and soul. Combine this event with a wellness spa treatments, massage therapist, or even an invitation to a stripper (but be sure to check this with the bride, who may not be happy to have such a gift).

Pre-wedding hen party in the territory of the sauna

When the temperature and humidity of the sauna is not recommended to drink alcohol, but after that you can go to the nearest cafe, drink a few cocktails, talk about the upcoming wedding.

Holiday club

This partner will not allow you to talk, but willthe possibility of the main character of the holiday a great night, dancing to the loud music and not thinking about anything. After the wedding, it's time for family life when returning home to four in the morning will seem strange, so the club bachelorette party - a great way to say goodbye to a free life and spending the night away from home. Disco till the morning, delicious drinks, crazy dance - then surely be something to remember.

Photo: Club bachelorette party bride

Options for thematic parties with PHOTO

If you decide to arrange a thematicparty, remember that you need to prepare for it in advance. Uniform style - the main feature of udavshegosya theme bachelorette party. Costumes guests, food, drink, atmosphere around should be in harmony, reflecting the concept selected by you. That bright idea of ​​thematic pre-wedding hen parties:

  • Hawaii. Hot sun, tall palm trees, energeticmusic that does not sit in one place - this is a Hawaiian style. Such a party should be held on the beach or lake, to create the perfect atmosphere, but stay in the room are also acceptable. Fruits, coconuts, cocktails, palm leaves, leis around their necks guests, swimwear, colorful shirts, themed competitions will support the degree of the hot hangouts.

Pre-wedding hen party in Hawaiian style
  • popular now sea ​​style hen before the wedding. Funny vest, shorts, caps - are integral parts of the costumes. As for the venue, everything is clear - it is best to celebrate a bachelorette party on a yacht or a boat.

Photo: Hen of the bride in a marine style
  • Retro sixties bachelorette party not surprise anyone, but it still remainsone of the most elegant and beautiful options for the holiday. Fine clothes, tall elegant hairstyles, bright, but neat makeup will make your company chic. Visit the restaurant or go for a long walk - you will catch admiring glances from passers-by.

Pre-wedding hen party in the sixties
  • pajama party. If the bride does not want to go far from home,arrange before the wedding themed pajama slumber party. Fights pillows, tasty treats, mulled wine, watching a movie - a nice way of pastime. Arrange the "home beauty" - nakraste each other nails, make-up, hair masks and face.

Photos: Hen in style pajama party
  • Hen "Childhood" - Bright dresses, active games, sweets, to help her friends to recall the past. Take a look at the video as fun bachelorette party celebrated in the style of childhood:

Creative imagination to come up with a theme forbachelorette party before the wedding - so you make it special. In such an event, be sure to call the photographer who can capture the highlights in the photo.

Cheerful scenario for a bachelorette party

Fun bachelorette party you will partner onwhich is usually not enough time - for example, a visit to the amusement park. Surely present for a long time not riding on extreme roundabouts, funny roller coaster. If you want to relax even more, grab a bathing suit and arrange a bachelorette party at a water park - where you swim in the pool with waves, ride the exciting water slides, and after the rest will go to a local cafe to discuss her plans with the bride before the wedding.

Place for a bachelorette party

Contests and games

All sorts of competitions and games will help to spendbachelorette party before the wedding fast fun and enjoyable, but do not forget to buy some small prizes for the winners and participants. Here are some ideas of fun activities that you can include in the bachelorette party scenario:

  • Traditional divination. Let superstition went down into history, but divinationIt is pleasant, mysterious and unusual way to spend time. The main thing - to create a suitable atmosphere (light candles, put incense sticks).

The mysterious atmosphere of divination in the pre-wedding bachelorette party
  • "Question answer". This game will help to pull together best friends yetmore. The girls sit in a circle, lit a match. They transmit it to each other, and the one on whom the match goes out, honest answers to any question asked by a neighbor to the right.
  • Pre-wedding hen party - a good excuse to say goodbye forever to the past, which want to forget. Write on a piece of all the things you do not want to remember more, and burn it.
  • "Feed me" - Funny game for a bachelorette party. Girls are divided into pairs, they blindfolded issue plates, spoons. The task of the game - to feed a couple. Who will do it more accurately - he wins.
  • Have each friend will tell that for a long time, that is mindful of you, and the most interesting story, according to the guests win.

Funny bachelorette party before the next wedding willunwind present, give the bride an opportunity to break away from everyday problems that must be solved as preparation for the celebration. Bachelorette party organization - a big job, but the shining eyes of her best friend worth the effort.

Leave a comment if you have to organize such an event. How was it? Share your experiences in the comments!