bachelorette party at home scenario

Some girls can not afford luxuryrestaurants, limousines, and the idea to hold a bachelorette party at a nightclub, where you can not really communicate with your favorite friends, do not like. Then the organizer of the event can make a real holiday home. Cozy atmosphere, delicious food, intimate conversations, interesting scenario bachelorette party at home - all this will be the perfect setting of the event.

How and whom to invite?

First we need to decide whose apartmentIt is prepared for a bachelorette party. If the bride lives with his parents, and they will not want to leave home at night, then you have to look for other options - it can be a place at the best friend, the witness or a rented apartment. The latter option is more expensive than others will, then the organizers should try to collect the money from the delegates.
Invite to a bachelorette party should be closest friends- Only the atmosphere will be relaxed as much as possible with them. It is best to pre-align the list with the bride, and then ring up guests. If arranged themed bachelorette party at home with a script, make a certain style cards and send them by mail (but even then the call should not be neglected).

Thematic script bachelorette party at home

What to cook?

If the whole day and night, you're going to spendhome, you need to organize a large tasty meal. This may be your favorite recipes for the bride, unusual snacks and treats brought by her friends, a variety of cocktails, the composition of which come up directly at the bachelorette party - there are no restrictions. Hen scenario assumes full consistency of style, so, for example, the eastern bachelorette party should not do without sushi, green tea in cups without handles, bottles of plum wine or rice wine.

Light refreshments for the Eastern script bachelorette party

How to look like?

Your appearance should depend entirely onbachelorette party script. At home you can dress as you like - funny pajamas, if pass the classic maiden night party, elegant retro at the event in the spirit of the sixties, long flowing dresses Greek bachelorette party, colorful wide skirts and frilly script hairstyles for bachelorette party House "Carnival of Venice". Well, if the restriction put on a colored veil.

party Ideas

Use your imagination, coming up with a scripta fun bachelorette party at home. It can be anything - a night watching your favorite films, pajama night, singing songs, Old Slavonic style of the bachelorette party, where girlfriends and hero of the occasion will wonder reel.

Scenario pajama bachelorette party at home

Night at the movies

To create the right mood beforewedding, arrange a movie-night bachelorette party. Choose a romantic, nice movies that inspire faith in love. Prepare a few bottles of liquor, turn on dvd and enjoy the interesting, beautiful ribbons.

Beauty saloon

Cosmetic procedures - a pleasant thing, butsometimes it does not want to go anywhere. Then use a script bachelorette party "home beauty" - buy special tools (clay mask), vegetables (where do without moisturizing cucumber?), Scented candles, which will create the right mood. You can also call the master spa at home, which will professionally your skin, nails and hair. But it will cost more.

Scenario health bachelorette party at home

Rehearsal foreclosure

Traditional bride price - an ancient rite. The bridesmaids preparing for his future wife, but often she - participant and generator of ideas. To check the level of training of girls taking part in it, rehearse redemption at the bachelorette party.

Back to the past

To feel young againgirls, bridesmaids and groom can enjoy the children's hen house scenario. You will need special clothes of bright colors, fun prints on it, candy - lollipops, balloons. But you can drink champagne now.

Scenario of children's bachelorette party at home

Evening dances

For those who like to move around, suitable scriptdancing bachelorette party at home with your favorite music. Do not spare the forces let weariness do not keep the feet - this night should be fun in plenty. Just tell your neighbors that they will have to suffer the noise from your apartment, because the night calls at the door of tired people are unlikely to be pleasant.
A good idea for an interesting scenario bachelorette party at home - hire a dance instructor that you have forgotten how to salsa, belly dance, rumba, or any other interesting direction.

Dance hen house

Theme party

Theme bachelorette party is held in a certainstyle. Eastern tea party, retro parties, a fabulous event - they should be carried out with great attention to detail, with a strictly thought-out concept.


The original game included in the script,entertain guests, will delight the bride, will create a festive mood at the bachelorette party. In the bustle of everyday it can be difficult to relax, and that they do not contribute to this funny game. For example, there is an interesting exercise for the future spouses, where girlfriends during her bachelorette party will test the willingness to take care of her husband, preparing him from dozens of round objects it is necessary to choose only touch the fruit. In addition to these it will be given a candle, balls, vegetables.


Funny, interesting contests on the bachelorette party does notleave anyone indifferent. Prepare a lot of small gifts to all the participants got their. Let it be competitions: the best toast, "moment of glory", the most unusual wish - they will help to create a fun bachelorette party at home scenario.

Prizes to the winners


Here are some interesting divination, which are held during the bachelorette party before the wedding:

  • In the bowl of barley put a lot of smallitems (rings, coins, flowers, toys), symbolizing travel, gifts, birth, marriage, wealth. Each girl in turn pulls his subject. What will fall - it is waiting for her in the future.

  • Blue and pink baby pacifiers thrown into the package. Future wife starts to hand. What color would get - this floor is the first-born.

  • Popular names fortune telling. In the course of such divination is determined whether the economic worker husband, a good father, a faithful husband.

Divination at bachelorette party

It is considered a good omen if the bachelorette party the bride is handed a gift - something blue, new, old and borrowed. Take care of it.
To carry out the perfect bachelorette party at home, carefullyall, plan and do not forget to take a camera, which can capture all that day. Or Call a professional - he will make a beautiful high-quality photos for the album.
Tell us in the comments which scenario bachelorette party held at home you like more.