Bachelor party - the last day of freedom

stag-party - An integral part of wedding traditionsmodern suitors, even without taking into account the fact that the customs and traditions of our grandparents are history deeper and deeper, and gradually replaced by a variety of holding wedding parties. And most interesting is that every bride wants so say goodbye to his bachelor life, so stormy youth remember him forever.

Each in its own way seeks to arrange itslast night of freedom, but again, the main condition to this evening unforgettable. To organize stag on this subject should be prepared in advance. Select the time and place, of course, the groom, who must also bear in mind that we should not conduct the event on the eve of the wedding. After all, no one in the morning do not want unnecessary problems, besides, it is unlikely you will please only thought throughout the wedding "would rather the night." And the night, too, as they say, must be unusual ... Now you know what should be done for at least a few days in any of the cases, the bachelor (well, at least on the safe side) before the day of the wedding? It is best to get him on the last weekend before the wedding, as the weekend choice of entertainment show much wider.

For some reason, many believe that a bachelor is notI must do without the strip. If you are a supporter of this view, go with friends to a night club. You can also go to the bath or sauna. There you can take a steam bath and a well, and drink beer, and not only ...

Another option - to arrange one or several sessions of erotic massage with candles for an intimate music. It relaxes and your body and your soul.

You can also go with your friends in the country, iftime bachelor falls on a hot summer. For example, you can together go fishing or hunting, thus, and said goodbye to the last days of bachelorhood.

If you are a supporter of peaceful lifestyle, organize a party at home, asking my mother or sister to prepare all that you may need.

Wherever you are celebrating their stag, stillit must be very real, because the morning after the bachelor party groom should feel so bad and it must be so ashamed that he is absolutely painless could leave the youth and began very seriously and already new for him life (all about the bachelorette party here).

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