How to hold a bachelor with no sad consequences

Want dashing to hoot in the holiday of the daybachelor? Well, you have every right to. Now and hen parties are held with equal panache. And you, God himself commanded to translate our plans into practice. However, you must consider a few rules that tell us how to hold a stag with minimal losses, both moral and physical.

  • The place where you are going to carouse, to beas far as possible from the place of residence of relatives. We advise gently "scramble" the address where the party will take place, especially the bride. Women's curiosity knows no bounds. You do not want a scandal? Then so be prepared for the fact that that does not know about the bachelorette party.
  • When planning how to spend your bachelor party, just delete from the list of invitees, males from the bride.
  • Symbolic, full of meaning, a gift the bridebefore the upcoming bachelor party, capable of maturing to dull at heart jealousy and thoughts like: "I have to see it!" Do not you dare give him after the bachelor party, it would mean that you have done wrong. Charge reliable delivery of gifts to man, if once the most, beating the situation as something beautiful.
  • It is necessary to control the time that is allocatedto celebrate leaving bachelorhood. If you are not able to stop the unbridled festivities, the charge is the most serious and responsible comrades. Let him think how to spend a bachelor party on the scheduled one day if "requires the continuation of the banquet" company. This "unauthorized" spree able to spoil the most important holiday - the wedding.
  • Lately it has become a tradition weddingstriptease dancers invited to the bachelor party. Yet, we should not forget that there must be a clear border where ends erotica ... You're getting married for love, so why bring this light feeling?
  • In recuperation after a bachelor party,you must leave enough time. Spend fasting days, do not drink more alcohol, even beer. These days it is better to look after themselves: to go to the barber shop, visit the beauty salon. On the wedding day, you need a lot of energy, thus you need to look your best.
  • The most important rule! No where, no way, do not give in to any persuasion, and do not drive drunk (or not, as many believe), even if the head of traffic police is your relative. Do not spoil the holiday myself and family, if you do not want to think about others, strangers. And then, to the question: "Well, as held bachelor" - you can honestly answer "Great!"

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