What should and can be a bachelor party

To stag was a success, shouldmatched several things: first, the warm company of friends (for this, as a rule, will not be found), and secondly, interesting, informative program, and thirdly, pleasant atmosphere. Although, if there are the first two elements, and the latter does not make long to wait. But to farewell to bachelor life really memorable happened, you must still select the successful idea place for hen. Here much depends on the financial capabilities and preferences of the organizers.

Bachelor Party in the restaurant / cafe / bar

This idea of ​​organizing a bachelor party will not requirefrom your big fancy voltage. All you need is to choose one of the many establishments of this kind, after taking care of the table, menus and, of course, the cultural program. The main thing - to pay the money, and everything else is done for you by professionals. As a kind suitable karaoke bar. We obtain fun and with meaning: it is precisely because, singing love songs, our ancestors finally decide whether it is suitable for a husband (or wife) the selected partner.

Stag house

More problematic, but also more cost-effectiveoption, which will require you to show in all its glory their organizational skills. It is necessary to think in advance who is responsible for the preparation and delivery of food alcohol, and who - for the cultural program.

However, there is always a real dangerthat stag become a mediocre meal, or - even worse - into drunkenness. To avoid this, it is possible to arrange a bachelor party Carnival, to which all will have to appear in any suits (excluding Adam costume), and from then on that imagination will tell.

But in any case, the apartment will almost certainlyIt will clear the mess, and in the body - as clear signs of a hangover. Needless to say, that it - not a good combination on the eve of a wedding celebration. Plus, we should always remember about the neighbors, who are also sometimes want to sleep, and not eager to join your merry festival.

Stag in the sauna / bath

Immediately disappoint you: This idea of ​​a bachelor is not new. This tradition has its roots in pagan times more: according to the then existing custom of the bride and groom went to the bath to share it - guess what - not, of course, not the rings, and bath accessories. Fortunately, the baths have not yet disappeared and is still quite suitable as a venue for stag.

Bachelor in nature

Rendezvous with Mother Nature almost always meansa pastime, but a good idea of ​​the stag is seen more in the warm season (unless of course you are not a lover of thrills in the form of frost, snow and blizzard). To learn how to make a program to tell, perhaps, a lot and it is not necessary: ​​in this issue better to rely on their own experience or, at the worst case, the experience of friends.

Sports stag

Remember: You're a man, and men are peculiar to every kind of competition. So why not arrange to bid farewell to single life somewhere in the paintball club, or on the race track at the stadium, playing football. Considering the idea of ​​holding such a stag, it is important to remember that not all the invited it may come to mind.

Summarizing, we can say one thing: in fact, not so important, where you will spend a bachelor party. The main thing is to be remembered to you and your guests in the best sense of the word. But more importantly, you have to wrestle with the idea of ​​a place for hen the first and last time in my life!

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