Holiday stag in other countries


In America, as in other countries, is widelycommon stag. But now it is no longer simply a visit to the bar with friends. Increasingly, Americans are sent to another city or even the country, for what would have to hold a farewell to bachelor life. Very popular, for obvious reasons, they enjoyed Amsterdam. Bachelorette party adopted a more relaxed - a traditional party with girlfriends. Since recent times, American women also tend to arrange something such that would not keep up with the men.


The first thing that comes to mind when the words"Stag" - is, of course, plenty of alcohol and strip. These are the primitive idea of ​​this celebration. But in fact, whether the number of alcoholic beverages is not better to replace qualitative booze and enjoy the taste sensation. If you are going to party all night, you should not lean on a drink, or party can end very quickly, and you will not be able to evaluate the entertainment, which was prepared especially for you. To avoid this, try to trim the good spirits to them - meat snacks, and evening program can be interesting without the standard strip. Now a proposal to organize a bachelor party is included in the multi-agency services. Entertainment programs and a variety of scenarios parties, anyone can pick up something for your taste.


One of the few countries where the tradition of wedding farewell to bachelor life is a mere formality. Without much enthusiasm Germans stag, paying tribute to the established custom.


Attractive to British venuePrague is a stag. The English love this city - museum, in addition, the low prices of everyday promote the influx of British tourists celebrating a bachelor party. The fame of Czech beer and cheap visit bars or strip clubs encourages Britons to stop the choice in Prague. In their homeland all the bars closed at 23.00 already, and now you can have fun almost till the morning.


Tallinn has its own unique look: cobblestone square, winding narrow streets. Why not a paradise for foreigners. Pleasantly surprised by the prices for traditional, stag, entertainment and alcohol. Among the proposals of the cultural program - a walk by the sea along the coast and unique architecture. In Tallinn, the abundance of all sorts of cafes and bars, with a very high service culture and behavior. Usually, the Estonian people spend in this city stag. Another notable feature is the large number of blondes.


Riga - the city, which attracts celebratebachelor bachelors of European countries. At these events, the entertainment industry is built in Riga and, therefore, having a shape of a quiet, comfortable, beautiful city, it has a reputation for the place where the cheapest and most affordable drinking women.


Iceland Residents are slow and calm at first glance. But an event such as stag, always carried out rapidly and uncontrollably, then when did not think of looking at them.


Bachelor for the French - another reasonenjoy wine and cheese, and they know a lot. The amount of wine is as great as it is and the amount of toast and fun. Every second pronounce toast for the bride and her family's health. Hen parties can not go in comparison, they are not so popular.

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