Hen and stag parties - friendly parties

Hen and stag parties - Gay friendly party, which satisfiedthe bride and groom for their friends and girlfriends. It decided to celebrate the holiday apart from each other. This is a great opportunity to meet with friends, to relax before the wedding. This mischievous tradition originated in Europe and is already firmly established with us. Many bridal salons offer the service stag and hen parties on a variety of scenarios.

Where to spend the holiday?

Give up the idea to spend the holiday at home. Of course, maybe you "Tile" in a smaller amount. But a lot of unintended consequences - washing dishes, cleaning the apartment, will be waiting for you the next morning.

You can organize a holiday in the countryside. Good weather, barbecues, warm company of nice people - this is a good option for hen and stag parties. Look at the weather forecast and choose a fine day! It remains to organize this event so that it is different from the other outputs on the environment.

The next version - bath or sauna. Traditional place druzyami- gatherings with friends. Your relaxation will help to a table with various food and drinks, massage services and billiards.

Club, cafe, restaurant - the place forincendiary party for hen and stag parties. Invited artists, special effects according to your wishes, music and dances create an atmosphere of festive extravaganza!


It is worth thinking about Toastmaster services, whichprofessionally hold a party, because then you will not have to see to it that all my friends felt on hen and stag parties freely, have fun and relax - take care of it himself toastmaster. professional organizer task is to make the holiday memorable for its originality and universal joyful exultation!


To determine in advance with drinks. Do not forget the sense of proportion, because the wedding party you will need to look good. Generally, hen and stag parties better to spend a couple of days before the wedding. Then, together with the guests, you can relax, and then recover after a party.

Whom to invite?

Especially think over the composition of invitees. There are unspoken rules, to be aware of before you proceed with the organization of the wedding. First, on the hen and stag parties is not desirable to invite future relatives. Let it will be only close friends who will support you on the eve of an important event! Second, the bride should not try to get on the stag to the groom and the bride - the bride. There are many curious things that are put in an awkward position and of "spy" and participants of the festival.

Have fun and relax, enjoy communication, get rid of the last of doubt, anxiety and stress!

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