Stag or hen organization

Organization of stag before the wedding -a tradition that came to us from the west. More recently, when your dad's married, to hold this event, it was not accepted. Now, there are many salons that offer you ready-made scenarios for hen. The end of his bachelorhood made to celebrate the fun, any company offering such services will help you in this. And the scale of the party will depend entirely on your desire and choice of scenario.

Companies offering the original designscript, set themselves the task to paint outline the advantages of family life, and to strengthen the desire to marry, not to carry out "funeral" for bachelor freedom.

In organizing the bachelor party to take into account allthe last detail, invited the actors and the director of all the action. A huge number of options. Stag can pass as a party, where guests will be offered in addition to refreshments and even a show program. On request, a special program is being developed, in which the guests can be involved: they tell stories, participate in contests, games and story sketches. Most often, the organization of bachelor, master invited, which will attract visitors to take action. He should have enough experience to be able to entertain the audience and respond to unusual situations. As a rule, these parties all so feel free enough, but can always find "serious man", which is difficult to get fooling around.

So summarize.

So what do the company's organizationbachelor party? At your request, provide services to the illuminator and sound engineer, thus turning into a real stage show performance at the professional level. Rent a banquet hall for the evening menu, holiday decoration, dance groups and traditional strip at the end for the most persistent - it is not a complete list of firm capacity. If you have a favorite place (club, sauna), where you friends are accustomed to while away the time, you can take it all night and order the services of your choice and presentation of the organization of bachelor.

Here is an example of the most commonthe scenario offered by firms. setting plot is built in such a way: dancer, actress appear before the bride in different situations. Traditional family scenes - cleaning of the apartment, with a child walking, cooking, washing. The surprise lies in the fact that one of the actresses - the future wife of the groom. Professional participants of the plot setting is turned so that the bride in the form of a wife, is presented in the most favorable light than others, and the groom, of course, choose it. Then the mystery was called. Surprise!

This statement allegedly aims togroom prepare for all the difficulties of family life and appreciate the beauty of bachelorhood. In fact, unwittingly choosing his bride, he is convinced of the correctness of its decision.

Of course, everyone holds a bachelor inaccording to their tastes and hobbies. The closest friend - a witness who, most often, and is organizing a bachelor party should take into account the tastes of the hero for the day. After all, who but he is aware of the groom's interests and therefore it is his ability to prepare a party full of surprises. It should be understood that the stag - it's not an ordinary commonplace revelry, and an event that should be remembered future husband for many years.

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