9 years of marriage - Earthenware wedding

The ninth wedding anniversary - earthenware or daisy. Chamomile - a flower that has long been associated with love (guessing on love), Chamomile - symbol of summer, sun, heat, fun, daisy wedding so reminiscent of what married life is nearing its flowering.

Faience wedding

As is known, earthenware - it is the material fromwhich made dishes. Of course, faience valued cheaper than porcelain, but still, it was crockery we use in our daily lives. Earthenware - constancy of character, of everyday life, an established way of life. Therefore, this alternative wedding anniversary and celebrated as a milestone, signifying the achievement of permanence and stability. Of course, this is just another step, but the stage is already very significant.

Faience cups involve with the beauty andfamily every year becomes more united and friendly, filling the cup of their family income. Faience also reminds us that broken cup does not stick together. Because the relationship is to protect, appreciate and respect each other!

It is believed that the family in the ninth year of marriage is going through a critical period and fragile as faience. Another version of the name, which is now a family bowl filled with prosperity.

Tradition earthenware wedding

Earlier devyatiletie marriage wasI decided to beat the old bowl of happiness. Shards from the old ware associated with quarrels and problems in the family, because they should immediately collect and make out of the house.

The custom of whipping dishes

and still associated Since this anniversary withchamomile, then, consequently, to celebrate her best in nature (if it falls in the warmer months), together with close friends, relatives and children. Serve festive table should, of course, beautiful crockery.

Congratulations on the wedding porcelain

Faience wedding - an occasion to wish the couple happiness, health and love. Many congratulations to the great porcelain wedding can be found here:

What to give for a wedding earthenware?

At this wedding anniversary is accepted to give any faience:

  • dishes (cups, saucers, etc.);
  • decorative plate on a stand or tape;
  • statuettes and souvenirs.

Figurines for wedding
Ware in a gift for an anniversary
The dish on stand

Moreover, it is possible to put on a plate or mug image couples, making individual and unusual gift.

Mug with photo

One of the best gifts to his wife on the 9th anniversary of the marriage will be a bouquet of daisies, which will cause a real delight and affection.

Bouquet of daisies

It will run for another year, and you will receive congratulations to the new anniversary - tin (pink) wedding.

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