75 years - the wedding crown

Seventy-fifth wedding anniversary - crowna wedding or a second diamond wedding. Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren come on this day to commemorate the anniversaries. The best example for the young can not even imagine!


A rare survivor will live up to this wedding anniversary, Clear day - the date until which passed manyyears from the date of the wedding - a green wedding. But certainly those who have come together before then, this wedding anniversary, can be justifiably proud of the right choice of life partner. Such people should be proud of and strongly cherish them - man, only to embark on the difficult path of family life, it is impossible even to imagine what went through crowned jubilee. Glory and honor to them!

This wedding anniversary should organize mostclose and native people for anniversaries. Make a festive table is in the style of that era, when the couple married. They will be pleased to once again plunge into the youth and go back almost 75 years ago, at a time when they joined their hearts.

Congratulations on the wedding ring

The crown wedding day anniversaries takegreetings from their loved ones. You do not know what to wish the pair have lived together for 75 years? Many congratulations touching you will find in the article: "Congratulations on the wedding of the crown (75 years)."

Gifts for the wedding of the crown?

Special traditions concerning gifts to the crownmarriage does not exist. The main thing that a gift has been selected and presented by the soul, that it symbolized the great love that united 75 years ago, the couple hearts. It can be collages, paintings, statues and others.

Photo Collage for an anniversary

Garland of photos

comic picture

Often children with grandchildren give their parents a beautiful cake with swans, anniversaries which are cut together and distributed to all guests on a slice. And the swans, they are left to themselves and treat them with each other.

Cake with swans

In addition, for anniversaries can be ordered wreaths - wedding ring characters that will show off the whole holiday on the couple's heads.

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