What you need for a wedding witnesses

Wedding - pleasant, but troublesome event. It is prepared not only for the young and their parents, but also for the honorable witnesses. A large share of liabilities at the festival falls on the shoulders of these people and they will only help the newlyweds and guests to entertain. Witnesses are obliged to help in all cases at the ceremony. It is important to take into account all aspects, to ensure the full happiness of all those present, and most importantly, not to spoil the tale young.

What you need to prepare for a wedding witnesses

A witness from the witness will help the groomand the bride is still at the stage of preparation for the wedding: the organization of bachelor, bachelorette party; help in selection of toastmaster, photo, video operators, all of their responsibilities. They also responsibly themselves preparing for that day: stocking not only toasts, jokes, and mandatory things for the celebration full.

The mood of the witnesses at the wedding

Small banknotes

Bride Redemption - the first step to a familylife, which takes place at a wedding. The witness has not the least of the groom at this stage, because of its duty to ransom at a young groomsmen, who in turn sell it and wish to get a decent fee. The fine money will be needed for the witness and for the groom at a wedding. The bills the more the process will take more economical "buying" young. A trifle too will be needed in future competitions.

In addition to the small money for the bride price, it is worthprepare sweets, champagne. To bribe a wedding groomsmen, the witness should start trading with the gentleman's set, not with money. This will not spend most of namenyat bills at the first stage of the wedding. Need to take care of the coins, try to shove them in socks or shallow pockets. Imitate what got most NZ (NZ).

How not to hell with the wedding witness

The minimum set of "first aid"

The mood, the look of the bride is largely dependentfrom the meeting, the witness at the wedding activities. The best man should advance to prepare everything necessary for the support of young beautiful appearance. It is necessary to stock up on additional items that may not be useful, but rather that they were present at the witness. At any time, you will be waiting in the wings, the best help her friend, but for the wedding may be needed:

  • cosmetic items;
  • a small first-aid kit or part of it - plaster, ammonia, cotton wool;
  • wipes dry, wet;
  • water;
  • thread with a needle (preferably black and white);
  • pins;
  • wedding hairpin;
  • fan;
  • phone;
  • pocket mirror;
  • money.

Prizes for competitions

Though buying gifts for the guests are entitled toWedding organizers engage with Brac, but also the witnesses must not stand aside. Throughout the holiday, you will need to participate, to redeem, to respond, to bargain and to maintain, so the hand must always be show. It can be sweet candy, gum or cookies, you can stock up with small bottles of liquor. And there will still be useful to the presence of various denominations and currencies in the world of wedding gift certificates.

Prizes from witnesses at the wedding

If your shoulders entrusted with the task of purchasegifts for guests on the entire wedding, you should think about: key chains, magnets, combs, kitchen utensils, dishes, cosmetics, machine accessories. Everything should be in the direction of: preparing a witness wrenches for a gift to men and the witness - lipstick and powder for women. It is necessary to friend and friend talked to each other on the subject of the interesting moments at the wedding.

Stock up on wedding toasts and congratulations

One of the first who will invite visitors to thewedding feast will be witnesses. Be prepared congratulatory speeches, beautiful words, gifts. Very nice for the bride and groom will hear from you sincerity, not memorized verses. If you wish to express yourself - write an essay for yourself in rhymed form, it will be a wonderful gift to the newlyweds.

Friends and friends with drinking toasts

As for prose in congratulations on the wedding,it is more than ever relevant. Can you give an example in a toast of life, tell an anecdote. Witness in congratulations should not only speak wishes to the young, but also to entertain guests, creating a pleasant aura of fun near the wedding table. Unity is good friends spouses affects the mood of the guests, so do not be afraid to step over their desires, help to create a beautiful holiday.

An interesting idea for congratulations witnesswill song, and if it reminds you of the last time and mark some former event - it will be even better. Even if you do not have the voice of Madonna - do not worry, the wedding in a narrow circle of friends and acquaintances you will understand everything and will not scoff, on the contrary, this step will look elegant. More popular wedding songs for the performance in recent years become rap music style, it is easy to remember, but has no particular musical line, which will have to learn.

To prepare a collection of wedding music

How can any beautiful wedding withoutaccompaniment? Witnesses can help in the selection of songs for dances, banquets and holding competitions. They, more than anyone else, should know the preferences of the young, so this task for you is not difficult. Permission is granted as a surprise wedding to put an unusual composition, which are not popular: waltzes, classical music, birds singing, the sound of the surf.

It is worth to know that as a musicescort the witness will pick up not only fun product, but also lyrical. During the meal will be better if the song sounds or classical composition, because it is necessary to allocate the holiday guests from the noisy competitions, wedding vicissitudes. For the wedding ceremony, choose music which like newlyweds. If this issue will deal with specific organizers - rely on their taste, but you should always check the work.

Create foreclosure scenario

Draw up a plan to sell a bridewitness now girlfriends. This is the most important task, to implement its best with a bottle of champagne and good mood. Gather a narrow range and start the plan from the very first steps, the gate or gates. At the wedding should be repurchase up to 10 competitions. Too large number of them tired, not only guests, but also of the groom.

To well combine the wedding contests,select several types of testing physical ability, the financial side, the need to sweeten life, knowledge of important dates, bride parameters. The groom has to get ready for the wedding redemption, but to talk about the future contests neither he nor the witness is not recommended - so lost the element of surprise.