What to wear to a wedding witnesses

Witnesses - these are people who accompany the groomthe bride and the entire wedding. Therefore, they have to look great during the celebrations. It is desirable that their appearance in harmony with the bridal dress. But along the witness and the witness should not be too smart, provocative, or they will look ridiculous. Before the wedding ceremony should consider all the details. What to wear to a wedding witness, and the witness?

Beautiful dresses bridesmaid at a wedding in 2014

The witness should look spectacular duringthe wedding of her friend. One of the main rules of dress selection for the following witness: dress should not attract too much attention, but it should pick up with taste. It is advisable to do a simple make-up that will look harmonious. Fashion trends in 2014 will help the witness to look decent.


Delicate white robe looks great. But to witness the bride, and did not seem to be a white spot, you can not select monochrome shades. Now you can wear a dress, colored gradient. A smooth transition from white to blue, will create an unforgettable, original image. If you do decide to wear only white clothes, choose a minimal amount of jewelry of all kinds - they are out of place at the ceremony.


The bright blue color creates an elegant,discreet image of the witness. Blue is considered the best for the wedding party, because it hides the overweight, emphasizes the roundness of the figure. Therefore, before choosing what to wear for the wedding of friends, most of the witnesses chosen blue. Put contrasting accessories, and you'll look great in the wedding own girlfriend!

Options dresses for bridesmaid


If you want to create an extravagant way,wear a red outfit. Apparel with a fluffy skirt that color will make a real splash at the event. But if you want to attract the male gaze, focusing on her figure - fitting dress robes. It is said that red attire will attract attention. Therefore, if you are not different model parameters, discard the bright fitting images. But if you decide to wear a red outfit, choose without sparkles, rhinestones - the best single color.

Dresses red to witness

Other colors

In addition to these colors, for weddingceremony fashionable to wear pastel colors: beige, cream, pale pink, and others. Stylists recommend light colors to the witness, they are used frequently. It is also a good option would be purple. He will emphasize the mystery, stylish women. By experimenting, you should not forget that too bright, acid colors are not worth dressing for the event, they will look out of place.

whether black is appropriate

Many bridesmaids mistakenly believe thatblack color can not wear to the wedding. It is said that mourning vestments plunged into shock holiday guests. But if a woman prefers black color, or wants to hide its curvy shape, you need to find the appropriate attire of the corresponding color. Thus, the black robe, decorated with rhinestones, sequins, beads, visually make your figure slimmer, because design diverts attention from the extra kilos. In addition, it is appropriate to look at the wedding.

If you want to look great at the wedding of his own friends, but do not know how not to overdo it with the image, look at the video guide, which contains an exhaustive number of recommendations:

What should be the dress for the wedding, fashion

To look at all the wedding photos and videowell, bridesmaids should carefully consider the style of clothing. A short dress with a deep neckline, opens all the charm of the girls will look at least, vulgar. Also it is necessary to abandon the long-fitting garments, because they will hamper the movement. The main condition for the selection style for bridesmaids - its convenience. After all, during the wedding witness will have to keep moving, to participate in competitions. An excellent choice would be the easy loose-fitting garment. Air cloth hides unnecessary fullness, and create a feminine image. But if you want to boast of a perfect figure, note the tight clothes. It is worth remembering that it should not open a figure too, otherwise you will not look very nice. The main thing that vestments hides the flaws as well as emphasized the dignity of the figure. With this task perfectly cope wear a simple cut, but with a distinctive twist.

Styles of dresses for wedding witness

Evening dresses and cocktail options

Many options of evening and cocktaildresses for celebrations allow to look attractive. Witness, you can experiment with colors and their range is different. Restrictions on cocktail dresses - their length should reach at least the knee. For bridesmaids taboos are cutouts and deep cleavage. Other restrictions virtually none. The main thing that is good apparel sat on the woman, not paralyzed her movements, and not obscure the image of the bride.

Long to the floor

Many bridesmaids think long dressYou can not wear to the wedding. After all, it constrains movement, interferes with an active pastime. But if you pick the right dress style, the witness will be comfortable in a dress. So, tailoring clothes should not encircle legs. It is desirable that the dress was free, air, otherwise it will be impossible to fully move. Under it is not necessary to choose high-heeled shoes, because you will be uncomfortable.

Dress to the floor for a witness

The second question - style long dress in a floor. Stylists recommend to wear dress in oriental style, the length of the floor, embroidered with crystals and sparkles. Oriental pattern will make the image of a stylish and mysterious. Do not forget that this image suggests shoes on a low move. It is desirable that the shoes were in the tone of her purse.

For full girl

As a rule, overweight women have difficultywhen choosing a grand dress. But well-chosen attire will hide the extra weight and make the party guests admired by women. This image is not difficult, if you observe the following rules:

  • Pay attention to the clothes with sleeves. The optimal length - three quarters. They help hide the fullness of the hands;
  • Open shoulders and neck;
  • In no case do not wear baggy clothes to the wedding, otherwise you will visually make your silhouette even tighter. Better if it will be sitting on a figure;
  • The fabric should not be easy, flying. Choose a simple cotton dress;
  • Wear clothing with fabrics, with all sorts of interesting finishes. Strict image, on the contrary, you will add a couple of years and a kilo;
  • Talia tighten stylish belt - so you will visually make it thinner.

Models dresses for obese women

Based on these tips, you hit all your chiseled figure at a wedding girlfriend!

Where can I buy

Some witnesses thought that buyingdress for the wedding the bride - troublesome affair. In fact, if you choose the right place to buy clothes selection process will bring pleasure. Such purchases are best to do in the major boutiques, as the choice of goods there are much wider than the markets. In addition, the quality of the material will be pleasantly surprised. The only negative - as a rule, the goods are expensive boutiques. But the wedding of her best friend once in a lifetime!

Clothes for a witness to the wedding

The conventional wisdom is that the man does not careabout their appearance, but the groom's witness is trying to look decent at the wedding of his friend. Many are lost, what to wear to such celebrations. Consider more outfits / costumes for another groom.

Classic suit

A friend's wedding - it is an occasion to wear a tuxedo. On the occasion of the wedding it will look appropriate. In addition to a tuxedo, a suit must be present pants, shirt, at the request of the men vest. Put jacket, as well as other elements of the suit, black. This color will blend perfectly with a tie with stripes. Socks are selected tone shoes. If the wedding is celebrated in winter, the fabric, which is made from the suit should be tight and warm.

Images for witness

Shirt and shorts in summer

In the summer season the witness is hardly enoughExposure to whole ceremony is in a suit. Shirt and shorts men save the situation. Solid summer shorts baggy style relieve witnesses from having to wear a suit to the wedding. It is important that the shorts were too loose-fitting, color, preferably white. Shirt with an intricate pattern perfectly complement its image.

Combinations dress witness and the witness

Invite you to the wedding, the couple hadmention such a nuance, as the combination of your clothes among themselves and with their clothes. But if this was not done, guided by common rules.

The combination of images of young, witnesses and friends

Between themselves

As a rule, apparel witness and the witnessIt must be combined with each other in color. For example, if a woman will wear a blue dress, a witness is required to wear at least a shirt blue. Modern dress code does not require full compliance clothing Suite friends. But care must be taken so that the image of the witness and the witness was at least one item of clothing of the same color. It may even be the usual plain capes.

With outfits newlyweds

A feature of the selection of dresses for witnessesIt is that the garment newlyweds and their friends must be different in color. Also clothing style must not be the same. Because otherwise it would be difficult to some wedding guests to determine who the bride and who is her friend. Similarly, the situation with the groom and his friend. Therefore, let the newlyweds shine at his own wedding. Sami put a simple solid color dress style. On the witness and the witness is assigned many duties. For this reason, the dress should be not only delicious, but also comfortable. Combining style and comfort in the clothes you follow his destiny at the wedding of friends at a maximum! You figured out what to wear to the witness or the witness? Leave your ideas in the comments to the article!