The role of the witness at the wedding

A witness at the wedding - is indispensableassistant, organizer, right-hand man for the bride. It is time to tweak the hairstyle, make-up, help in the preparation of the wedding, will see nothing if not forgotten, and most importantly - will close this exciting day. The role of the witness at the wedding can not be overemphasized, so choosing is very responsible, attentive, sociable of unmarried girlfriends.

Whom to choose the role of a witness

Before you stop the choice on one of theirfriends, should carefully approach the issue. Choose the one that will be for the future wife - a real helper, support, help organize a celebration, to be kept under the control of the different situations that arise during the wedding. There are some basic requirements that must be met for a witness to the wedding:

  • A close friend who knows you like no one else, just cheer up, advise, help.
  • According to tradition, an unmarried girl.
  • Always the most responsible, attentive, with good organizational skills, sense of humor girl.

It is important that the witness was close to youthe person on whom you can rely on, who knows all your secrets with whom you feel comfortable, be it a relative or friend. If you have an unmarried sister - the ideal candidate for the witness, because who knows you better than she? Sister will always give good advice, support, cheer, posekretnichat and help with organizational issues.

Sister - the witness at the wedding

The image of the witness

Appearance plays witness to the weddingimportant role. She is the main person after the bride and groom at the ceremony, and will attract the views of others. Therefore, the choice of dress, hairstyle and make-up approach with a particular responsibility. It is necessary to abandon the white dresses, and give preference to pastel shades, and if the wedding is thematic, with a predominance of certain colors, choose the right shade of the dress. Too frank dresses too deep necklines or short mini dress is not a wedding.

Options dresses for bridesmaid

Makeup can do the same wizard that willdeal with his future wife. A professional knows well how to choose the shade of shadow, how to be saturated makeup. Hairstyle can also make your own: large ringlets always relevant, accurate slightly curly styling suitable for any outfit. The intricate hairstyles should trust the master, not to look ridiculous. You also need to take into account the buttonhole, which is attached to the dress or bridesmaid hand, it must be combined with other colors dresses.

Boutonniere - a mandatory accessory of the witness

What should witness:

The role of the witness is not limited to only oneembellishment of the lips of the bride and wedding contests. Witness performs its function well before the wedding day: organizing a bachelorette party, help to choose a dress, solves organizational issues, along with the bride, of foreclosure scenario, prepare in advance all the necessary props. And yet, according to tradition, the witness chooses wedding garter for the bride.

Before the wedding, the preparation of a bachelorette party

An important duty of the witness before the wedding -an organization fun and memorable stag parties. She agrees with the bride list of friends, who will be invited to the bachelorette party, decide together with the girls, what gift to buy culprit celebration, engaged the remaining organizational issues of preparation wedding.

To facilitate the process of organizing the bachelorette party,witness should make a plan where you need to paint the most important parts of the holiday. Also it is necessary to calculate in advance the budget of celebration, choose the venue, decide on the themes, costumes and surprises for the bride. Approximate plan to prepare for the celebration of the Forum:

  • Prepare a list of invited friends, advance specifying it with the bride.
  • Buy Cards for a bachelorette party invitations or send them electronically.
  • To solve the issue with the photo and video, to leave a memory of this beautiful day.
  • Prepare a script, contests, surprises, as well as the venue, pre-book a table in the cafe, sauna, the VIP-room club, decorating an apartment in the style of: pajama-party, etc.

Pajama party - having fun bachelorette party

Help the bride on the day of celebration

The witness in the most exciting weddingday is not easy assistant bride, she's right hand, an integral part of this celebration. On the day of the wedding witness helps the bride dress, corrects make-up, hairstyle and practically does not depart from the culprit celebration. On free during the wedding witness a moment do not need to count, it will be snapped up, but these efforts will bring only positive emotions and good mood.

During the marriage, the role of the witness is notlimited formalities registrar, it will also have to coordinate the guests. When the guests will give gifts, she is there to help the newlyweds. A witness from the witness takes the flowers, leaving in the hands of the bride only her wedding bouquet. If the wedding is complete without a toastmaster, the groomsman duty is to prepare the celebration scenario, interesting contests. Therefore, the main requirement for this role - have excellent organizational skills, so as not to get bored guests and honeymooners.

The witness in the role of toastmaster at a wedding

The role of the witness at the wedding in foreclosure

Redemption - is one of the most interesting eventsduring the wedding, which also rests on the shoulders of the bride's friends. The role of groomsman wedding at this stage: preparation of foreclosure scenario, the selection details. Redemption - not an easy task to come up with an interesting, not outdated scenario is not so easy. To everything was fun not necessary to invent a new bike - add romance share, let the groom to show how well he knows his mate, imagine everyone in the form of a game.

The witness to the redemption of the bride in a hospital-style

The main thing is arranging a ransom, bridesmaid shouldcorrectly calculate the time, not too delaying the process. Suffice it to the presence of three to five competitions, the duration of each - no more than five minutes. It is also desirable to give up competitions with alcohol, so as not to bring the groom to intoxication, but rather to add mood newlyweds passion, vigor. Redemption can also be held with the participation of children, this will add flavor and originality of the game.

This witness at the wedding

It is assumed that the boyfriend congratulates newlywedsone of the last, so it it should be remembered, bridal shower. It is important that the words of congratulations were sincere, kind, positive carry, and how it will be said, is of great importance. One should utter words of gratitude for the honorary title of the witness, to give up standard templates to wish something from the heart, with love, warmth. Poems will be perfectly sound, if they are written by you, and simple notes found on the Internet, will not add originality to your greetings.

Watch the video as the original and sincere witness, congratulated the newlyweds:

Being a witness at the wedding - the best,an unforgettable moment in the life of every girl, so it is a responsible approach to their duties. It depends on the witness a lot of things during the wedding, she was one of those who make this holiday fun, unforgettable. Therefore, choose a witness with special awe and attention.