Tapes for witnesses to the wedding

For each pair, a wedding day is special,unique, so everything has to be perfectly and beautifully. The main characters of the day - bride and groom. Witnesses at the wedding should always accompany young. To easily select from the entire crowd of invited guests and other honeymooners girlfriend, they put on a special accessory - belt.

Ribbons with golden inscription for friends newlyweds

Why wedding ribbon witnesses?

There are many differentwedding traditions that are now used in unchanged form or transformed to meet modern trends. The main accompanying newlyweds, their friends in this day need special tape that they can be easily found among the guests. With these accessories often pay tribute to traditions. Wedding attributes of such a plan is not required if they are to replace boutonnieres or other distinguishing marks.

Options satin ribbons for witnesses

Dresses bridesmaid and friend of the groom should notOnly in harmony with each other, but also in some way combined with young clothing. You can do this by using the same color or bulavochek. What are the distinctions to be friend of the bridegroom and the bride's friend, negotiated during the preparation of the celebration to at the wedding did not have any unpleasant surprises. Do not choose too bright color products, outfits and their young companions should be elegant, restrained, to close to not overshadow the bride her wedding dress.

White ribbon for a friend and a girlfriend newlyweds

What are the tapes for witnesses to the wedding?

Typically, a tape for friends newlywedsmade of satin material, color can be almost any white, red, blue. On them is the inscription "Honorary Witness" or "Witness." If you prefer the original in all, you can pick up the product in the colors of the national flag. Style, color accessories are selected taking into account the style of wedding dresses and newlyweds, their friends. Ribbons must integrate harmoniously with the images of friends and other young people.

Badges for the friends of the bride and groom

Traditional tape

If a particular preference on account of no ribbons,then fit the traditional accessories - the usual red satin items with gold lettering. Beside her is placed pattern, such as doves, rings or flowers. Product Wear over the shoulder so that the inscription was placed on the chest, side and bottom of the secure pin. If on holiday, they will deliver the discomfort they are allowed to remove. Wear a suit ribbon - then proceed to his duties. Subsequently, these decals must remain witnesses to the memory.

Special icons for witnesses


Enormous popularity of the servicemanufacture of wedding bands on request. You can choose any color, the most original and unique inscription. These attributes can be shown that the young are very resourceful, unique, have a sense of humor. The ribbons are made to order, will be ideally combined with other dresses and bridesmaids bride and groom. celebration organizers may add to them a unique bow or brooch.

Witness wedding ribbon

Alternative wedding tapes for witnesses

Many young people do not want their wedding to besimilar to other celebrations, which they attended. They want to make this special day was unique. Some of them believed that comply with the tradition - it is old-fashioned and is suitable for those who are unable to come up with something original for yourself. What can replace traditional decals for friends of the bride and groom each other? Help may be small bunches of artificial flowers, which are called buttonholes and attach to the outfit. In young friends, they must be the same. These signs are marked and bridesmaids.

Brooch for friends Suite

An alternative to the traditional accessories canbe the composition of the ribbons, which is attached to the outfit by using a safety pin. You can make it yourself, that it be unique. You may use a special kit for the young friends. For friends of the groom it will be an icon with the "witness" the words, and for the main bridesmaid - a bracelet that is worn on the arm. It has the same original and traditional inscription, like the other newlywed.

Video: Review of tapes to witness the wedding

Selection of tapes for top friends Suite - isa very important process. In the video below you will see a wide range of products, which can be either traditional red with a golden inscription, and blue, gold, green. After watching the video clip, you can pick out the decorations for the satin ribbons. Wedding Accessories play a huge role in the wedding day, little things create a positive mood and sense of celebration.

Photo of wedding bands for witnesses

To highlight the main assistants of newlywedsinvited the crowd, not necessarily wear their ribbons of bright colors, very original will look pink or white goods. When choosing festive tapes for friends and girlfriends Suite main thing - do not get lost in the range that is offered. See the photo below, to determine in advance what type of design and accessories will suit you for the wedding.

Accessories for the main newlyweds assistants